10 Best Songs for Karaoke

The 10 best songs for karaoke are ones that bring out the best part of the practice: over the top and really horrible renditions of popular songs that make drunk people laugh. These songs are sure to induce cheers (and possible vomiting) from friends and bar patrons alike.

  1. Paradise By The Dashboard Light.” Meatloaf alone could fill out a list of the best songs for karaoke; his brand of Wagnerian rock made him the king of camp and melodrama in music. But this song is the Meatloaf track from the Meatloaf album, “Bat Out Of Hell.” It’s got a dual vocal, so you can either ask your drunken bro if he’ll do the girl part, or you could tackle it all yourself. Just try the Phil Rizzuto play-by-play breakdown.
  2. I Will Always Love You.” Whether you’re looking to score a few points with your girlfriend, make a desperate attempt to look “emotional” to some cougar at the bar, or just want to prove you’ve never taken singing lessons, this is one of the best karaoke songs to do so. Go with the Whitney Houston version. One way or another, people will be crying when you try belting this one out.
  3. Me and Bobby McGee.” Janis Joplin had the voice of a bird, a whiskey soaked banshee of a bird that beat the hell out of a lot of dude rockers back in the '60s. This is one of the best songs for karaoke because it builds from a little countrified ditty into a barnstormer. Plus girls will dig that you’re down with Janis.
  4. You Shook Me All Night Long.” Drink a ton of whiskey and hope for this best with this Brian Johnson era AC/DC track. It’s one of the best songs for karaoke because the lyrics are so damn misogynistic (“She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean") and the vocals sound like the guy’s throat was put through a paper shredder. Emulate that.
  5. Dream On.” This is one of the best song for karaoke for two reasons. One, it’s a kickass song that shows Aerosmith at their ‘70s prime, pre-“Pink” and other such nonsense. Two, it’s epic and you’ll get to show your true range during the outro. Even Steven Tyler’s voice brokedown in the original version. See if you can beat him.
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody.” You probably have a better shot at tackling Pavarotti than attempting to jock Freddie Mercury. The Queen frontman helped make this a classic and it’s one of the best songs for karaoke for it’s amazing outlandishness.
  7. Don’t Stop Believin.” Take Journey’s sage advice, especially when attempting to sing this song. Former frontman Steve Perry had some pipes that turned lines like “Streetlights, people” into moments of arena rock transcendence. This is one of the best songs for karaoke as it can give hope to even the most pathetic of barfly.
  8. Livin on A Prayer.” ‘80s hair metal was made for karaoke: it’s over-the-top, corny and catchy stuff. Before Bon Jovi went mom-rock, the Jersey boys were “halfway there, living on a prayer.” Then they were rockstars living on millions of dollars. This is one of the best songs for karaoke because you’ve got to be living on a prayer to try and hit those high notes.
  9. Sweet Child O' Mine.” Axl Rose has a voice like no other, that can transition from man to screeching demon at the drop of Slash's hat. Not only is this one of the best songs for karaoke because it’s one of Guns N’ Roses most accessible and classic hits, but it will give you your chance to be a sleaze metal god and help the world forget about the disaster that is“Chinese Democracy.”
  10. Piano Man.” Look around at the bar and you’ll most likely see a man “making love to his tonic and gin” (or Long Island Ice Tea) as Billy Joel sang in this karaoke standard. You may not be the piano man, but you can be the man of the drunken hour when you break into this classic pop tune.
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