10 Best Songs To Listen To When Sad

When life doesn't go according to plan, these are the 10 best songs to listen to when sad. The old adage "misery loves company" is true with these songs. When feeling down, certain sad songs are great mood changers. Listening to sad songs when feeling down can actually lift the spirit and make a person think philosophically and find the positive in a situation.

  1. "Without You"- From the country trio the Dixie Chicks, this song is about heart break and remembering happier times in a relationship. It's the perfect song to lift spirits if dealing with a break up. The twang of Natalie Maines voice reverberates throughout the song and may bring back happier moments of a broken relationship.
  2. "You Don't Even Know Who I Am"- Country songstress Patty Loveless belts out the meaning of relationships gone wrong in this 1980's hit. When feeling sad, this is a great song to listen to help bring out the negative mood.
  3.  "Picture"- This song by the fabulous combination of Kidd Rock and Sheryl Crow is a perfect choice when a sad mood hits. The duo sings about a relationship surviving while miles apart. The story tells of how adultery, drinking and remembering true feelings can effect love.
  4. "Far Away"-  By rock band Nickelback, this is the ultimate love song for rockers when feeling sad. The lyrics, no matter the listeners' mood, will bring a tear to the eye. Love over the years, lost love and reuniting always touch the soul and Nickelback hits the mark with this song.
  5. "If I Could Be Like That"-  3 Doors Down brings out the soothing affect in fans with this unbelievable song about people regretting choices made in life. The mellow song almost asks the question of is the grass greener on the other side and is a great song to listen to when feeling sad to lift spirits and give a new perspective on life.
  6. "Against All Odds"- Released in 1984 with a movie named for the same, this Phil Collins song was a hit and continues to strike a cord even to this day. Finding love in the oddest place and going with the feeling.
  7. "My Heart Will Go On"- Canadian songstress Celine Dion made a name for herself with this 1997 love song from the movie "Titanic." This is the biggest hit of the era.  It's known as a love ballad for tragedy and the song is dramatic and heightens a person's mood.
  8.  "I Will Remember You"- Released in 1995 by pop icon Sarah McLachlan, the song reached notoriety again with the 1999 Live version. The song touches all hearts but especially those suffering from heart break or loss. This is one of the best songs to listen to when feeling sad.
  9.  "When I'm gone"- Another classic song to listen to when feeling sad from the rock band 3 Doors Down. The song tells the story from a man's viewpoint in a broken relationship. His loss for love is evident in the lyrics.
  10. "Over You"- Performed by rock newcomer Daughtry, this song to listen to when feeling sad harmonizes the feelings of a difficult breakup. People need to get on with daily life is the point made in the song. Let the lyrics soothe the soul.
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