10 Best Songs To Make Love To 2010

The ten best songs to make love to 2010 include a variety of songs for all music tastes. Long after the events of 2010 have faded from memory, the important love songs of the year will continue to to be listened to by lovers. Some groups on the list are well-known, while others are recorded by newcomers to the music industry. Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to making love and music certainly sets the mood for most lovers. 

  1. "Forever" by Chris Brown. Taking the theme of eternal love, Brown offers a tune perfect for making love to in 2010. Women go for the forever, even if just for the moment and this song presents the idea in the smooth groove. 
  2. "Meet Me Halfway" by Black-Eyed Peas. The Peas offer a tune that lightens up a lovemaking session with a springy mood. This song is also a statement for lovers who feel their partner might not be offering their all in the love department. Jus' sayin' this song is out there, if you need it. 
  3. "If This Isn't Love" by Jennifer Hudson. Another tune appealing to a woman's longing for the perfect love, Hudson's offering skirts the issue of declaring love by posing the question as a rhetorical statement. Kind of like a question that asks, "If I don't love you, baby, who does?" Not really in the commitment vein, but putting it out there for women looking for love. 
  4. "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. Perfect for vampire lovers, this tune is a crossover song for lovers who also enjoy drinking milk and beer. Women go for men who will suffer for love; who knows the psychology behind this strange yearning. This songs brings it on all levels, including suffering. 
  5. "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. You may not be a Taylor Swift fan, but your lover may enjoy a song by this popular singer/songwriter. 
  6. "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. As the title states, this universal love song is about acceptance in all forms. Mars tells girls that they are "amazing" and you can express your own sentiments by using this tune during a lovemaking session. Make sure you point out that your music selection reflects the way you feel about her. 
  7. "Need You Now" (2010 Mix) by Lady Antebellum. Although this tune is done by a country music group, the tune is a cross over for lovers enjoying all music genres. The new mix uses electric guitar and is a little more cutting edge, for lovers who are into hip hop and rock. Cue up the tune and use the lyrics to tell her how you really feel. 
  8. "All I Have to Give" by the Backstreet Boys. For couples who enjoy tunes by boy bands, the Backstreet Boys bring it home in this song. 
  9. "No Love" by Eminem, featuring Lil' Wayne. At first glance, "No Love" is a song about the lack of love, but the ten best songs to make love to 2010 list is not necessarily about love songs; it's about love making. For guys who go for the pity party approach to getting some love, this song offers your heart. People have let you down in the past and you're looking for some permanent, full-time love. 
  10. "Fearless Love" by Melissa Etheridge. This tune is a love song for unconventional love. If the shoe fits, put this ten best song on when making love. The song addresses the fear felt by some when making love outside the accepted norms of social circles. 
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