10 Best Songs For Making Out

Even if you think you have all the right moves, you're better off playing some of the 10 best songs for making out if you plan on locking lips anytime soon. Set the mood with these songs about making out.

  1. “Kiss” If you can’t start a makeout session with this minimalist funk masterpiece by Prince, you need to check your pulse. The Purple One doesn’t need his girl to talk dirty, be beautiful or watch Dynasty(?); he just wants to make out with her. Now, that’s a classy gentleman.
  2. “It's in His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)” Put on this bouncy pop tune and start making out. Cher tells girls around the world that if you want to know if he really loves you, you'll feel it in the way he kisses you. If that’s the case, put this on and really go at it if you want to keep the girl.
  3. “Kiss From a Rose” The lyrics are cryptic, but Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” is one of the best songs about making out simply because it’s so smooth. This is makeout music for the poetic crowd.
  4. “Kiss Me” Put on Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me,” a cutesy lite-pop song and pull at your lover’s heartstrings. You’ll be making out in no time, thanks to Leigh Nash's cooing vocals and the song's greeting card lyrics.
  5. “Kiss You All Over” This song by Exile gets straight to the point. Is it really making out if you’re not kissing all over? Put this dirty song on and you’ll be rounding the bases in no time.
  6. “Kiss Me on the Bus” You don’t have to be riding a bus to make out to this song by Minneapolis rockers, The Replacements. Besides, that’d be pretty uncomfortable. She’ll swoon to the song's indie-rock swagger.
  7. “The Kiss” Even goths can make out thanks to songs like “The Kiss” by English gloom-rockers, The Cure. Robert Smith sets the mood for a macabre makeout session with some pretty depressing lyrics.
  8. “Then He Kissed Me” The classic song by girl-group The Crystals is one of the best songs for making out. If you want to keep the girl, kiss her like the girl in this song kisses.
  9. “Kissing a Fool” This jazz song appears on the same album as “I Want Your Sex” and “Monkey.” George Michael is a kinky man. You’ll only be a fool if you don’t put this on and start making out right away.
  10. “Making Out” Gwen Stefani is missing her man and just wants to make out in the aptly-titled “Making Out.” Your girl’s probably thinking the same, so put this song on and do No Doubt proud.
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