10 Best Songs For Moms

To make the list of 10 best song for moms, a song has to have something special. Let's face it, everyone has a mom, and there are plenty of songs about moms. But what songs are truly worthy of moms?

  1. "Dear Mama". "Dear Mama" is a rap song written by Tupac Shakur (2pac). The song makes the list of 10 best songs for moms because of its brutal honesty. Some songs about mothers are overly sentimental. But not this one. Tupac tells it how it is. Just look at this lyric: "even as a crack fiend mama, ya always was a black queen mama."
  2. "Mama Said". One of the oldest songs on the list of 10 best songs for moms, this 1960s classic pays homage to the wisdom of mothers. Everyone will agree with The Shirelles when they sing, "Mama said there will be days like this, there will be days like this mama said."
  3. "A Song for Mama". The members of the group Boys II Men must have had Mother's Day on their mind when they wrote this song. Most men would agree with the songs opening line, "You taught me everything."
  4. "She's Everything". The first country song to make the list of 10 best songs for moms, this Brad Paisley tune pays homage to the most important woman in his life.
  5. "Mama Tried". Not every son lives up to the hopes of his mother. Merle Haggard's song "Mama Tried," tells the story of a man who just couldn't stay away from trouble, no matter how much his well-meaning mother tried to steer him right.
  6. "Mother and Child Reunion". It never seems that mothers are able to spend as much time with their children as they would like. Fortunately, mothers can put on this classic Paul Simon song and think about the times that they do spend together. 
  7. "Mother". Mother might be the most emotionally intense song to make the list of 10 best songs for moms. In "Mother", John Lennon belts out poetic lines like "Mother, you had me but I never had you."
  8. "Mother Popcorn". Even mothers dance, and there's no better song for a mother to dance to than James Brown's "Mother Popcorn."
  9. "Mama, I'm Coming Home". Similar to Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion," this song deals with a child reuniting with his mother.
  10. "Mother". A list of the 10 best songs for moms wouldn't be complete without the Pink Floyd classic "Mother." The song, about an overprotective mother, seems to sum up this list: "Mother do you think they'll like this song?"
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