10 Best Songs For Parties

The 10 best songs for parties are ones that get people to their feet and keep them there. These are party songs that everyone at your party can relate to and enjoy. For instance, you wouldn’t play Peter, Paul and Mary for guests in their twenties, so always keep your partygoers in mind when selecting music. Here are the 10 best songs for a party, all of which are sure to keep everyone dancing and partying all night long.

  1. "Right Round" This is a great song for the sexy in us all. This song makes for a great party starter to get the crowd fired up and sets the tone for the rest of evening. Flo Rida did it right with this track, and it should be a part of any popular party song list.
  2. "I’m Too Sexy" "I’m Too Sexy" is a great song by Right Said Fred, and it’s played at many weddings and celebrations. It’s one of those songs that get everyone’s blood pumping and puts a groove in your step. Definitely one of the more get-up-and-go songs for a party.
  3. "Lady Marmalade" What party would be complete without Christina Aguilera? This song is sexy and reminiscent of the old days. Christina and her girls, Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim make this one of the best party songs of the decade.
  4. "Don’t Stop the Music" This is a classic at parties, and Rihanna’s music is as hot as she is sexy. This song will keep your guests motivated and in the party mood. "Don’t Stop the Music" should go down in history as one of the best songs for any party. Play it when the party winds down to give everyone their second wind.
  5. "If U Seek Amy" No party would be complete without Brittany Spears. This song has a great beat that makes you want to dance whenever you hear it. Brittany has made quite a comeback and she is laying down the party tracks to prove it.
  6. "Single Ladies" Beyonce outdid herself with this popular party song, and fans agree that this is definitely one of the best songs for any party. Her electricity alone sets the party on fire, and this makes a great song for a bachelorette celebration.
  7. "Telephone" This is a exceptional party song that brings together Lady Gaga and Beyonce, which provides a brilliant dance beat and charges the party. This song is empowering to women, and Lady Gaga and Beyonce come together to create an edgy and upbeat tempo that everyone will enjoy.
  8. "I Gotta Feeling" The Black-Eyed Peas really bring it to life with this song, and it keeps guests focused on having a good time. This song is appropriate for any celebration or party and invites guests to have a good time no matter what. It reminds you that nothing is more important than having a good time and enjoying the evening’s festivities.
  9. "Evacuate the Dancefloor" The band Cascada offers this great song for parties, which promotes electric dancing for your adventurous guests. It has a very fast beat and guests can’t help but move to the music.
  10. "Sexy B*tch (Sexy Chick)" This is a party song that will get every man at your party pumped. It is reminiscent of the first time a man meets a sexy and sophisticated woman. It has a great beat and will keep you and your guests partying all night long.

These 10 great party songs are sure to add energy and excitement to any celebration. These songs should be great conversation starters and keep guests upbeat and in a good mood throughout the evening.

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