10 Best Songs As Ringtones

The 10 best songs as ringtones can be your personal favorites, or just songs that get everyone’s attention when your phone goes off. Some of the most popular songs ever written make some of the most interesting ringtones. As you prepare to update your ringtone, check out this list of the 10 best songs as ringtones.

  1. “Bust a Move” (1989) – Young MC. Young MC wrote and recorded this rap hit, but Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea provides one of the 10 best songs as ringtones as all time. The bass line for this song looped over and over makes an excellent ringtone.
  2. “Light My Fire” (1967) – The Doors. The keyboard intro on “Light My Fire” (1967) seems to have been written as one of the 10 best songs as ringtones years before ringtones were even created. This is one of the most famous keyboard intros of all time, and it makes the perfect ringtone. There are also a few parts of the guitar solo in the middle that can be used as very interesting ring tones as well.
  3. “Come Together” (1969) – The Beatles. This is another song with a captivating bass line that makes an ideal ring tone. The best part about using “Come Together” (1969) as a ringtone is that the whole song can be used if you need to.
  4. “Knights of the Round Table” (1975) – Monty Python. Comedy fans will love using this fast-paced Monty Python song from the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (1975) as their ringtone. You can break this up into parts and use the parts or you can just use the whole thing as one of the 10 best songs as ringtones.
  5. “Purple Haze” (1967) – Jimi Hendrix. This song has one of the most recognizable opening riffs in all of rock history. That is what makes it one of the 10 best songs as ringtones.
  6. “Hey You” (1979) – Pink Floyd. This song is eerie to use as a ringtone because there are several points in the song where the singer calls out “hey you.” When you use that as a ringtone, it can seem a bit spooky.
  7. “Johnny B. Goode” (1958) – Chuck Berry. There needs to be something universally recognizable about a song before it can be placed on the list of the 10 best songs as ringtones. The opening guitar riff of “Johnny B. Goode” (1958) and the fast blues beat the Chuck Berry popularized definitely qualify.
  8. “Help!” (1965) – The Beatles. It can be fun using a song that yells out “Help!” as its very first note as your ringtone. This ringtone will definitely get peoples’ attention when it goes off.
  9. “Under My Wheels” (1971) – Alice Cooper. One of the first lines in this song is “The telephone is ringing.” There can be no more perfect song as a ringtone than that.
  10. “Jailhouse Rock” (1956) – Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller. This song was written and released as a promotional vehicle for the Elvis Presley film “Jailhouse Rock” (1957). Its popular intro and Elvis’ powerful vocals make this the ideal ringtone song.


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