10 Best Songs For Ringtones 2010

2010 was either a great year for music or a terrible year for music, depending on who you ask, but either way you can still find the 10 best songs for ringtones 2010 no matter what your opinion was on the year's releases. Obviously, the top ten downloaded ringtones are dominated by obvious songs and heavily marketed ones, but why would you want your ringtone to sound like everyone else's? This list will hopefully give you some options to make your fancy new phone stand out from a crowd.

  1. Crystal Castles – "Baptism." Thanks to the chiptuned nature of Crystal Castles, you would be hard pressed to find a song of theirs that doesn't sound great as a ringtone, but since their self-titled album came out in 2010, picking one from there would be relevant.
  2. Setherial – "Celestial Remains of the Cosmic Creation." If your taste in ringtones goes a little bit darker and heavier, look no further than Setherial's 2010 album "Ekyprosis" and one of the most ear-catching songs contained on it.
  3. Deerhunter – "Coronado." If you hang out in a lot of hipster bars, make sure to set your alarm with this song attached. Having a Deerhunter ringtone will probably get you a hipster's phone number faster than buying them a bucket of PBRs.
  4. Jonsi – "Go Do." Jonsi of Sigur Ros fame and his debut album were both heavily critically acclaimed, and the recognizable first single from his 2010 album makes a great ringtone.
  5. Android Lust – "Intimate Stranger." Industrial bands are always great choices for ringtones, even though the genre has dropped off immensely in 2010, and Android Lust's latest CD is no stranger to songs that make great sounding ringtones.
  6. Bad Religion – "Only Rain." Bad Religion releasing such a great album in 2010 was surprising to a lot of people, even long time fans of the band, and finding out they have a song that makes a noticeable ringtone is even more surprising. Just don't let this one ring in church.
  7. Matt & Kim – "Cameras." Matt & Kim changed their sound a bit for their 2010 release "Sidewalks" and have moved a bit towards the electronica part of music-town. While that may have hurt many of their fans' opinions of them, it did end up giving us a great song to make a ringtone out of.
  8. Tera Melos – "West Ham United." It doesn't hurt that they named their best song of 2010 after one of the most passionate football clubs in the world, although they are having an off year this year, and the music greatly reflects that passion. It also reflects a great song for a ringtone.
  9. The Dillinger Escape Plan – "Endless Endings." Sure to wake you up if the phone rings, the loud and chaotic "Endless Endings" off Dillinger's 2010 album "Option Paralysis" will make sure you never lose your phone again.
  10. Black Milk – "Over Again." One of the best songs off a great Black Milk album, "Over Again" sounds great coming from your phone and will make any rap fan proud.
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