10 Best Songs For Ringtones

A list of the 10 best songs for ringtones might usually call for flavor-of-the-month pop and rap hits, but not this one. These are some of the best songs for ringtones because although they may sound dated in terms of style and references to technology, they are songs about phones and calling, released by some of the best pop, R&B and punk bands ever.

  1. Call Me.” Call it pop, call it New Wave, call it whatever you will, but be sure to call Blondie “anytime.” This dark and galloping single was the theme to the film “American Gigolo” and is one of the best songs for ringtones since you can always pretend your Blondie’s male escort whenever the phone rings.
  2. I Just Called To Say I Love You.” Set this twinkly 80’s Stevie Wonder classic to your girlfriend's number and you can pretend she’s calling to say she loves you when she really just wants you to bring home some nachos. How sweet.
  3. Spiderwebs.” Did No Doubt anticipate the rise of ringtones with this 1995 ska/New Wave single? The chorus lyrics seem tailor made for voicemail and, along with its staccato sing-along vocals, help make this one of the best songs for ringtones.
  4. 867-5309 (Jenny).”  The ultimate phone song. Though your chances of knowing somebody with this number are pretty slim (it might even be on some blacklist for its sheer prank call potential) you can still have a blast hearing this made-for-ringtone Tommy Tutone song throughout the day.
  5. Mr. Telephone Man.” Clueless New Edition; she don’t want you! Bobby Brown and Co. sang “Mr. telephone man, is something wrong with my line? When I dial my baby’s number I hear a click every time” in this classic 1984 single. Don’t worry when you hear this song coming through your phone. It’s one of the best songs for ringtones since you know the girl’s actually calling you for once.
  6. Mother.” The Police went world-music crazy and apparently just plain crazy in the early 1980’s with the release of songs like “Mother.” Guitarist Andy Summers shouts about his mother calling on the phone as some Eastern-European “music” loops in the background. It’s one of the best songs for ringtones because it’s so god awful and sure to earn some odd looks when the phone rings. It's fitting for a Mom call though.
  7. Baby Don’t Forget My Number.” Though not as huge of a hit as “Blame It On The Rain” or “Girl You Know It’s True,” this 1988 single is one of the best ringtones since your baby really won’t forget your number after hearing it's late '80s cheese production. The world will never forget Milli Vanilli either for its incredible singing talent.
  8. London Calling.” While this song may have nothing to do with phones or ringtones (it came out in 1979) it’s great for its dark chords and growling Joe Strummer vocals. Plus you can just pretend London’s calling you whenever your phone rings. Just watch those phone bills.
  9. 777-9311.” While not as iconic as Tommy Tutone’s “Jenny,” this song, written by Prince and performed by The Time is one of the best songs for ringtones for its funky 80’s "Minneapolis sound."
  10. Ring Ring.” ABBA’s vocal and production talents can turn lines like “ring ring, why don’t you give me a call” into pop perfection. This is one of the best songs for ringtones merely for its ability to show off your superior musical fandom whenever your phone rings. Beat that Lady Gaga.
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