10 Best Songs To Run Out To For Football

What are the ten best songs to run out to for football? When choosing football songs to run out to, you have to be thinking one thing and one thing only. The football song you choose to run out with has to be hard. The song you run out to for football has to be representative of what a football game is all about. Raw power. Hard hits. You want a song that'll rev up your team. You want a football song to run out to that'll inspire you to totally crush the opposing team.

  1. "Da Rockwilder" You can find this Hip Hop head banger on the "Blackout" album by Redman and Method Man. The lyrics are gritty enough, but when you add that beat to the mix, this song spells tornado. It's the perfect song to run out to for football. Watch your opponents shake on the sidelines.
  2. "Annihilation"  Here's another song that's great for running out to for football. The title itself should key you in to the subject matter. It's animosity incarnate. You can find this joint on an album entitled "War Zone" by the group Black Moon. You'll only need the instrumental from this one.
  3. "Enter Sandman" Every single one of you know this song. And you should understand exactly why this Metallica killer is the perfect song to run out to football with. "Sleep with one eye open… Gripping your pillow tight!!!" 
  4. "Don't Sweat The Technique" This classic hitter from Rakim and Eric B. would do your team justice. Listen to it and see exactly how hard that beat is. There will be no question afterwards. Oh, and your opponents will know you mean business as well.
  5. "I Get Money" This is a 50 Cent joint. Do yourself a favor. Find the instrumental. The beat is so hard that you don't even need the words. The bass hits like a hammer and the harder-than-rock samples just scream carnage.
  6. "Lapdance" N.E.R.D. or the Neptunes, or whatever you want to call them, created this monster. It's a fusion of rock and Hip Hop with one of the hardest beats ever to blow out a speaker. And the song has a fast enough pace to get your team charged up on the way out of the tunnel.
  7. "Here Comes the Boom" No, no, not the DMX release. This particular song is by Nelly. It was featured in the remake of "The Longest Yard." Decent movie, but awesome song. It embodies what it means to crush an opponent.
  8. "Here I Come" This is another song that blends the hard beats of a Hip Hop track with the adrenaline rush that alternative songs can cause. Yes it's a beast of a track. The Roots created this flawless piece to run out to for football.
  9. "Hurt" This banger from T.I. could be used to cruise in your ride. Or for the purposes of this article, it can be the perfect song to use to pump up your football team. The beat is hard and the lyrics are fast and scathing. Definitely. Run out to this one.
  10. "Shots" You Florida boys will appreciate this one. This club banger from LMFAO can work just as well on the football field. The beat hits hard and fast. Use the instrumental for this one. It's a killer.
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