10 Best Songs To Run To In The Winter

When choosing 10 best songs to run to in the winter for a running playlist, several key factors must be kept in mind. The songs must be motivating, they must help the runner keep a desired pace, and if the songs have a personal significance to the runner they will be even more effective. Common running songs that tend to be extremely motivating come from movies with beloved characters, such as the Rocky movies, or possibly from video games with characters the runner has a strong connection with.

  1. "Gonna Fly Now" (Bill Conti): The theme from "Rocky" has to make every running song playlist. It is motivating and reminds almost anyone who has seen the movies of the struggles Rocky went through, in the ring and in life, as well as his training throughout the films.
  2. "Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor): Also from "Rocky", this song is another great motivator. The pace is good, not too fast or too slow for winter running, and the lyrics can motivate runners as they push through the cold.
  3. "Survivor" (Destiny's Child): While not on the top of many guys' running playlists, the song sets a decent pace for moderate running, and the lyrics can help motivate the runner when the weather is cold, damp, and gray. Surviving a winter run can be heavily influenced by the motivation provided by the playlist of running songs.
  4. "Fighter" (Christina Aguilera): Another atypical running song, this can also heavily motivate the runner to push through the winter running routes. With the rock-sound and the serious lyrics, this song could easily be a great song to run to in the winter.
  5. "You're the Best" (Joe Esposito): The theme from the original "Karate Kid" movie will have special meaning to those who remember the movie and could relate to Daniel's struggles. This is another great motivation booster for those cold winter running sessions.
  6. "Burning Heart" (Survivor): From the "Rocky IV" soundtrack, this song helps spur motivation in a winter runner with it's beat, pace, and lyrics. "Rocky" fans will almost always find motivation to push through a run, cold or not, when they use a playlist with songs from the films.
  7. "Hearts on Fire" (John Cafferty): Also from "Rocky IV", this song has lyrics that a runner can keep up with, and a beat that helps keep motivation flowing as his muscles begin to tingle from the cold of the winter weather.
  8. "No Easy Way Out" (Robert Tepper): A great one from "Rocky" that will motivate the runner to find his second wind in the winter months. The lyrics can also be highly motivating, which is always a plus when trying to push through the cold.
  9. "Training Montage" (Vince DiCola): From the "Rocky IV" soundtrack, this will remind runners of Rocky's training in the winter and the struggles he faced and overcame. The runner will be able to push himself to keep going, giving it his all, drawing on strength he might not have known he had, just like Rocky.
  10. "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" (Harry Gregson Williams & Norihiko Hibino): From the "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" video game, this song starts out slow but motivating then speeds up with a great beat for keeping a pace. The music is all instrumental, but can be a great motivation boost for runners who love video games, in particular fans of the "Metal Gear" series.
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