10 Best Songs That Say Goodbye

Life is full of hellos and goodbyes, and to help you with the latter we’ve prepared this list of the 10 best songs that say goodbye.  After all, why say with words what you can say by blasting a song on a tinny-sounding boombox?  You’re probably not nearly as eloquent as most of these musicians anyway, so let them do the work for you.

  1. “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men.  You may song this song is cheesy, and we may say that we don’t care.  It’s still awesome.  We couldn’t tell you the title of a single other Boyz II Men song, but this is one we have a hard time saying goodbye to.
  2. “Goodbye” by Best Coast.  “Every time you leave this house, everything falls apart,” sings a particularly clingy Bethany Cosentino.  “And nothing makes me happy, not even TV or a bunch of weed.”  Not even TV or a bunch of weed?  Sorry, who can relate to that?
  3. “Goodbye Sky Harbor” by Jimmy Eat World.  If what you’re saying goodbye to is an airport in Phoenix, Arizona, this might be the song for you.  Clocking in at over 16 minutes, it’s a rather long goodbye.  That also makes it a good way to pass the time while waiting for your (inevitably) delayed flight to show up at the gate.
  4. “Leaving on a Jet Plane” by John Denver.  If you’re saying goodbye to Sky Harbor, there’s a good chance you’re leaving on a jet plane.  You may or may not know when you’ll be back again.  You’d better get your affairs in order, then, and say goodbye to your friends and loved ones.  After all, you never know when that ride on the jet plane will be your last.
  5. “Sick of Goodbyes” by Sparklehorse.  Just because you have to say goodbye doesn’t mean you have to like it.  Unfortuantely, Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous said goodbye permanently by shooting himself in the heart.  He left behind some incredible music, though.
  6. “Farewell to You” by White Lion.  White Lion!  Listening to their music makes us want to grow our hair long and weigh it down with several pounds of hairspray.  OK, so this song is kind of terrible.  As far as songs that say goodbye, though, at least this one will ensure that it’s a very quick goodbye.  No one wants to stick around and listen to White Lion.
  7. “Farewell to All My Friends” by Oh No! Oh My!  This song is a lot more palatable than White Lion.  In fact, it’s downright pleasant.  If there’s a more pleasant and good-natured farewell song in existence, we haven’t heard it.
  8. “Songs of Farewell and Departure” by Hum.  “Songs of Farewell and Departure” would make a great alternate title for this article.  Due to copyright issues, though, we’ll just have to resign ourselves to listening to Hum’s contribution to the best songs that say goodbye.  This one’s kind of a slow burner and a wee bit abstract, which is why it’s farther down here on our list.
  9. “Hello Goodbye” by The Beatles.  “You say goodbye, I say hello,” go the lyrics to this classic Beatles song.  Well, that kind of makes things awkward.  We imagine that circuitous conversation would get old after a very short period of time.
  10. “Song to Say Goodbye” by Placebo.  We suspect that Placebo wrote this song just to be included on our list of the best songs that say goodbye.  It’s right there in the title!  Well you win, Placebo.  You win.
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