10 Best Songs To Skateboard To

Skateboarding and punk music have gone hand-in-hand since the very beginnings of both, here, in an attempt to shorten the ever-increasing options of a summer soundtrack, are the ten best songs to skateboard to.


  1. "Blaze" – Strike Anywhere. Known for their melodic screaming and fast-paced tempos, Strike Anywhere are a band that will get anyone within an earshot of their music reaching for his skateboard deck. Occasionally aimed at the more political side of punk, they nevertheless write songs that pair up perfectly with hitting the pavement.
  2. "We Want to be Free" – Anti-Flag. A long-standing staple in the punk community, Anti-Flag have repeatedly proved throughout their career that no songs to skateboard to playlist is complete without at least one of their gems. One listen to the lyrics of "We Want to be Free" will show how this song is an undeniable entry on the list.
  3. "Sick of it All" – The Distillers. Looking towards the later half of the 2000s decade, there emerged a plethora of female-fronted punk acts, though not unheard-of in the years beforehand with bands like London's The Slits, L.A.'s X, and so forth. Many came and left their mark, but none with the intensity and violent anxiety of Brody Dalle's The Distillers. They disbanded in 2006 though not before putting out three albums full of perfect songs to skateboard to.
  4. "Out of Control" – Rancid. Punk idols to the kids, mentors to the bands, and mohawk-sporting delinquents to the parents, Rancid have long held the flame of West Coast punk music well-lit and blazing. Formed in 1991 they've consistently put out albums laced with their signature sound of ska-infused punk.
  5. "Go Skate! (Possessed to Skate '97)" – Suicidal Tendencies. No top ten list of songs to skateboard to could possibly hold any weight without the inclusion of a Suicidal Tendencies song, whether it be "Go Skate," "Institutionalized," or any other track from their "Prime Cuts" best-of album. If that killer bass line of an intro isn't enough to make you go for that nollie kickflip, just wait for the shredding palm muting guitars.
  6. "My Very Own Flag" – Less than Jake. The undisputed masters of Third Wave ska, Less than Jake came out of Gainesville, Florida in 1992 with songs so addictive they just begged you to scream the words along with the band. "My Very Own Flag" which comes off of their debut album back in 1995 called "Pezcore" is a testimony to their timeless songs of youth and rebellion.
  7. "Lemmings" – blink-182. The band that single-handedly opened the floodgates to an entire generation of Fender-playing, Hurley-wearing kids across the globe. Arguably the most influential act on the entire list, blink-182 will go down in punk history as the band that took the best elements from the genre and infused them perfectly with poppy rhythms, catchy hooks and an image that spawned a million copycat-bands. Look no further than their sophomore release, "Dude Ranch," for a flawless album of songs to skateboard to.
  8. "Heart Attack American" – The Bronx. A band who's discography consists of four self-titled albums, The Bronx is L.A.'s best kept secret. What many within the scene consider to be the most-exquisite punk debut of all time, "The Bronx" released in 2003 holds some of the best modern punk anthems to date. Not many openers can top "Heart Attack American," but then, not many bands can top The Bronx.
  9. "All I Want" – The Offspring. Nearly impossible to listen to this track without wanting to take your board and just heat up the concrete, "All I Want" isn't only a song to skateboard to classic, but an Offspring benchmark. Having achieved mainstream success, The Offspring are considered one of the best-selling punk acts of all time.
  10. "The Separation of Church and Skate" – NOFX. Notorious for going against the grain on nearly everything imaginable, NOFX have carved out a permanent place in every punk kid's music collection. While not very big with MTV or radio airplay, they've managed to stay relevant to the scene ever since forming in 1983. "The Separation of Church and Skate" isn't only a great song to skateboard to, but a great song about the scene itself.
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