10 Best Songs For Subwoofers

The 10 best songs for subwoofers will have a bass sound that can have your car hopping or your living room windows pulsating. Remember that the songs in the 10 best songs for subwoofers list deal with the complete bass sound and not just the bass guitar. In order to check the thumping capability of your subwoofers, you need to find the songs that have that deep bass sound.

  1. 50 Cent – "In Da Club". Almost any 50 Cent song would qualify for a list of the 10 best songs for subwoofers, but his first real hit "In Da Club" has a swirling bass line that is accented by a punishing bass drum. With the drum beat and 50 Cent's unique delivery, this song is perfect for any subwoofer check.
  2. Slayer – "Reign in Blood". Slayer is another act that has a long list of songs that would qualify for the list of 10 best songs for subwoofers. "Reign in Blood" has the rapid-fire bass, the machine-gun double bass and loud vocals necessary to push any subwoofer system.
  3. Bone Thugs N Harmony – "1st of Tha Month". A deliberate bass drum beat mixed properly can give your subwoofers the ultimate workout. In "1st of Tha Month" by Bone Thugs N Harmony has a deliberate bass drum and attacking snare that make it one of the 10 best songs for subwoofers ever made.
  4. Eminem – "Without Me". Eminem has been one of the top rappers in the world for years, but the song that makes the list of 10 best songs for subwoofers is "Without Me" from "The Eminem Show". The bass drum and swirling bass line combine to keep your subwoofers busy for all four minutes.
  5. Pitbull – "Hotel Room Service". The song "Hotel Room Service" by Pitbull could be the one song from the list of 10 best songs for subwoofers that runs the risk of poking a hole in your speakers. The bass beat in this song is furious, and if you keep your subwoofers hopping with this song you will definitely feel how much power they have.
  6. Queen – "We Will Rock You". If you have never tried to test out your subwoofers with Queen's hit song "We Will Rock You" then you are missing out on quite a display. The beat starts right at the beginning of the song and never lets up. Imagine the sound of thousands of people stomping their feet blasting through your subwoofers and you will see why this is one of the 10 best songs for subwoofers ever written.
  7. Cypress Hill – "Insane in the Membrane". There is something about the vocals and bass drum on almost any Cypress Hill song that make it the perfect candidate for a list of the 10 best songs for subwoofers ever. "Insane in the Membrane" brings that vocal and drum combination to a new level.
  8. Nappy Roots – "Awnaw". A driving drum beat, a real bass line and a heavy guitar riff make this song perfect for your subwoofers. Right from the beginning, this Nappy Roots song will get your subwoofers jumping.
  9. Public Enemy and Anthrax – "Bring Tha Noize". The first real collaboration by a rap group and a heavy metal band is filled with deep bass lines, high and low pitched drums and a punishing guitar sound that make it one of the 10 best songs for subwoofers ever made.
  10. Onyx – "Slam". There is a droning bass sound in this song accented by a deep snare drum and punishing bass. This song is non-stop subwoofer action that makes it one of the 10 best songs for subwoofers ever.
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