10 Best Songs For Teachers

Some of the best 10 songs for teachers are the songs that they listen to after a hard day dealing with kids who have no interest in the topics they teach. There are some other songs about teachers that appeal to kids more than teachers themselves but either way, most teacher songs are classics. Here are the best teachers songs.

  1. "Another Brick in the Wall," Pink Floyd. This is probably the best teacher song of all time. It explains to teachers that most kids hate school, and if any teachers were in any doubt about that fact, they won't be after they listen to this number.
  2. "School's out for Summer," Alice Cooper. Students love the summer break because it means no math for a few months, but teachers enjoy it too because they do not have to worry about getting chewing gum on their skirts or people hurling paper-clips in their direction. This song appeals to both students and teachers.  
  3. "Hot for the Teacher," Van Halen. Few teachers will openly listen to this one at work, unless they want to get arrested, but it is popular with kids. Everyone had one hot teacher at a point in time, and Van Halen speaks for boys everywhere with this classic song. 
  4. "Jeremy," Pearl Jam. This is a cautionary song for teachers. Jeremy was a bit of a fruit loop and took out his frustrations on the whole school, so teachers should learn from Eddie Vedder and make sure their students don't go the same way. 
  5. "Teachers," Leonard Cohen. For teachers who don't mind the weary voice of Leonard Cohen, this song is great. It is not exactly about school teachers, but it is about people who teach things like love so it has mass appeal.  
  6. "School Days," Chuck Berry. Not many people can make a morning of math and history sound like fun, but Chuck Berry does. This is a great song for teachers to play to new kids just to remind them that they have seen it all before.
  7. "High School Confidential," Jerry Lee Lewis. It probably isn't surprising that Jerry Lee Lewis wrote a song about school kids, seeing as he married one. This perky, fast paced number is great for teachers trying to get some spark into their classes.
  8. "Teacher's Pet," Doris Day. This teacher's song is about a suck up student who wants to cuddle up with the teacher. She is a very enthusiastic student but you wonder if she realizes that her teacher will end up in jail. 
  9.  "Teacher Teacher," Rockpile. The band who made this song for teachers didn't exactly go on to make a lot of other big hits, but this is popular in staff rooms everywhere. It is another song for suck up students but it has a good beat.
  10. "Rock N' Roll High School," Ramones. There are lots of teachers who love this song because they knew it when they were kids. It appeals to youngsters today as much as it did then and it really gets the class rocking.
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