10 Best Songs For Wedding Reception

The 10 best songs for a wedding reception are all perfect to set the mood of romance and love. Whether you want a unique upbeat or a classy sophisticated reception, all these songs have great choices for your reception. Do not overlook these choices when planning your wedding.

  1. Cat Powers "Sea of Love": This song is beautiful and delivers a message of romance and eternity. A great way to remind your guests of the love they are witnessing.
  2. Elton John "Can You Feel the Love Tonight": A unique and fun way to let your guests enjoy the wedding. Elton sings about the momentous love between two lovers – a great choice for any wedding.
  3. Donna Lewis "I love you always forever": A beautifully sung classic about endless love. This is undeniably one of the best songs for a wedding reception.
  4. Florence and the Machine "Cosmic Love": This song is a truly artistic piece about powerful and unparalleled love. Truly a great piece if you are looking for an artistic and gorgeous piece of music.
  5. Ingrid Michaelson "Can't Help Falling in Love": Ingrid brings a miraculous vocal twist to this Elvis classic. It is revamped to become classic, beautiful and timeless for any wedding reception.
  6. Eric Clapton "Wonderful Tonight": This song is a great way to remind guests of couple's beauty. It is absolutely one of the best wedding reception songs.
  7. Beatles "And I love her": The perfect song for a fun and exciting reception. The song is more upbeat than others, and still a beautiful reminder of love.
  8. Phoenix "Love Like a Sunset": This Indie band brings a new twist with great instrumental choices and a very unique vocal song. The beauty of the song is unsurpassed by any other.
  9. Taylor Swift "Love Story": A modern classic perfect for any wedding. Comparing love to "Romeo and Juliet", this song is sure to bring to light the sophisticated relationship to behold.
  10. Chris Isaak "Two Hearts": This song reminds guests of the couple's beautiful bond. It is truly one of the best wedding reception songs.



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