10 Best Sport Cars For 2011

The 10 best sport cars for 2011 have got some muscle on them. The sport cars for 2011 (coming out between August of '10 to July of '11) are numerous, but we've narrowed them down to the most impressive, sportiest, and fastest ones out there. If you want the best sport cars for 2011, you won't have to break the bank, but they will definitely break your expectations of what a sports car should be.

  1. The BMW 5 Series. Whether it be the 550, the 535, or the 528 versions of this classic, the 5 series has been redone; and it looks good. Remember when we said you won't have to break the bank for nicest sport cars for 2011? Well, this will be an exception (although a very, very nice exception).
  2. The Lexus CT 200h. Who said hybrid couldn't be luxurious and sporty? Joining the sport cars for 2011 is Lexus' latest and greatest fuel-efficient vehicle. New for this model year, the CT 200h has 8 air bags, a hatchback, and Forward Wheel Drive.
  3. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The world's fastest car (at 267 mph) is back for the 2011 model year, and with a bang. Although boasting an impressive $1,600,000 price tag (yes, you read correctly), the Veyron still also holds the title of fastest accelerating production vehicle out there (with a 2.1 second 0 – 60 mph run).
  4. The Mazda RX-8. This legendary Japanese automobile is back and sportier than ever. Breaking is deployed rapidly, and the firm steering of the 2011 RX-8 will be sure to delight those looking for the best sport cars for 2011. Be warned, the rotary engine of this Mazda is a bit "hungry" though.
  5. The 370 Z. Nissan's Z-line of sporty-coupes still pumps out the coolest sport cars for 2011. Although not as inexpensive as the 350's before it, the 370 still stands at an impressive 30 g's with tons of performance and style to offer.
  6. The Hyundai Genesis. Making an unexpected appearance on the top sport car list is Hyundai's little speed-devil. A solid value below the Z, but with everything and more you'd expect from a sport car, the Genesis is most assuredly affordable and quick.
  7. The Audi A5. There really is nothing like German engineering, and the A5 knows it. Its 3.2 liter V6 pushes out 265 horsepower and a modest 18/27 mpg rating.
  8. The Chevy Camaro. Who says the sport cars for 2011 would outdo the new Camaro? Chevy's brainchild is back and better than ever! With the hype it received from "Transformers", the Camaro-craze has just begun.
  9. The Dodge Viper. The pricey serpent is back in the game for the 2011 season. An 8.4 liter V10 with 600 horsepower assures that the market for the Viper will be high. Yet its abysmally low mpgs will surely drag it down in the economical market of 2011.
  10. The Ford Mustang. Regadless of what year it is, the 'Stang always is on the best sport cars list. Specifically, the best sport cars for 2011 don't always have affordability, power, and mpgs this Ford can give us.

Dollar for dollar, the best sport cars for 2011 will blow your pocketbook out of proportion. When the first year of this decade comes around, be prepared to save some serious cash on autos while getting the same ol' power on each model.

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