10 Best Sports Bars in Boston

Looking for thr 10 best sports bars in Boston? If you're a sports lover or are just looking for a good time, try one of these top 10 sports bars in Boston.

  1. Jillian's Boston. This upscale sports bar has twelve plasma televisions, foosball, and 30 tournament caliber pool tables. They are located at: 145 Ipswich St., Boston, Massachusetts
  2. The Four's Boston Restaurant & Sports Bar. This great sports bar offers the best chicken wings around and plenty of televisions for all your favorite sporting events. They can be found at: 166 Canal St., Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Champion's Sports Bar & Restaurant. This top 10 sports bar offers a great, sporty atmosphere and they also offer fantasy football packages. They are located at: 110 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts
  4. Kitty O'Shea's Sports Bar & Irish Pub. This is an authentic Irish pub offering live music and sporting events on their numerous TVs'. They are located at: 131 State St., Boston, Massachusetts
  5. McGreevy's Boston. This top 10 bar is another authentic Irish pub dedicated to sports, history, and music. They have excellent service and a very cool atmosphere. They can be found at: 911 Boylston St., Boston, Massachusetts
  6. Greatest Bar. This four-level sports bar offers a night club, sports bar, and a 14 foot flat screen TV. They have great music and reasonable prices. They are located at: 262 Friend St., Boston, Massachusetts
  7. Cask'n Flagon. This fun sports bar has excellent service and offers a nostalgic atmosphere. They can be found at 62 Brookline Ave., Boston, Massachusetts
  8. Game On! This multi-media sports bar opened its doors in 2005. They have a state-of-the-art sound system and over 90 HDTV's. They are located at: 82 Lansdowne St. Boston, Massachusetts
  9. Hurricane O'Reilly's. This Irish sport's pub serves amazing Irish and American food. They have many TVs' for your sporting needs and have a live DJ in the evenings. They can be found at: 150 Canal St., Boston, Massachusetts
  10. Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill. This lively sports bar is one of Boston's best. They have numerous large screen and plasma TVs'. They are located at: 1265 Boylstron St., Boston, Massachusetts



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