10 Best Sports Cars For The Money

There are high-end sports cars and then there are the 10 best sports cars for the money that you could possibly buy. With all the extra cash you’ll have more than enough to lure hot chicks into your hot car. What other reason could there be for wanting a sports car?  Oh yeah, performance. Check out this list:

  1. Corvette Z06. Corvette has long been a bargain in the high-end sports car market typically dominated by expensive German and Italian exotics.  This American made piece of iron is a great compromise on price but not on quality. Anything within a ten-year time span makes for a good bargain so the C5 model would likely be a better money bet than the later C6.
  2. Acura NSX. Also known as the Honda NSX, this was Japan’s major sport car entry onto the world stage. What makes it a great bet for the money is the fact that many of the earlier models can be had for $30,000 or less, in reasonably good condition. This is the most exotic sports car on this list.
  3. Nissan 300Z.  The recognizable Z32 model was made by Nissan from 1990-1996, this car reintroduced the brand to an American sports car market. It was presented simply as the “Z.”  With its space age looks it quickly became a popular babe magnet. Available in coupe, convertible and turbo models, this one is well worth the money.
  4. Nissan 350Z. This is the upgrade from the 300Z. This car took the notion of space age design even further. Smaller, tighter, and lighter, this car may be the best performance value on the list. Relatively inexpensive when new, there should be no shortage of these cars on the market for years to come.
  5. Porsche 968. It came in a convertible or hardtop. This model is so rare that most people have never seen one in person and often mistake it for the Porsche 944 when they do. Known for being one of the best handling sports cars ever built it was produced from 1992-1995. However, it continues to turn heads and will do so for many more years.
  6. Porsche 944 turbo. The little brother to the Porsche 968, the turbo is a race machine all in itself. This car continues to hold a premium due to its lack of availability. For under 10,000 dollars it’s one of the best sports cars you can buy and is plenty of fun.
  7. BMW M3 E46. More of a sports coupe than a pure sports car, this machine lives up to the slogan “world’s best driving machine.” Produced from 2000-2006 this four-seater coupe is available with a traditional six-peed floor shit and the more advanced SMG shift system which allows for real formula one paddle shift style driving. For an even less expensive thrill, the prior model, E36 M3 is sporty enough for most drivers.
  8. Mitsubishi Eclipse. A combination of sports coupe and sports car, the Eclipse began production in 1990 with no end date in sight. Part of the reason for its appeal is its versatility. Available in a variety of models, this sports car goes from sporty to very sporty.
  9. Mazda RX-7. Produced from 1978 -2002 this little Japanese export was a popular model. Its sales were high and consequently provide for an extensive used car market. Technically classified as a sports coupe, its speed and handling make it one of the best sports cars for your money.
  10. Toyota MR2 .Another Japanese model, this car is cute, quick and fun.  It has a bit of a go-kart feel to it and if money were no object a Mini Copper S would be a better bet. But for the price, this will deliver the thrill.
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