10 Best Sports Pump Up Songs

To win games, athletes need the right mind-set and these 10 best pump up songs are a great way to set the mood. Together, they make an ideal pump up song collectionnot only because of their beat and rhythm, but also for their lyrics.

While pump up songs put athletes in a winning frame of mind, they’re also great motivators for sports audiences; they encourage the fans to further motivate their teams. The powerful music of pump up songs can encourage a winning attitude anywherethe stadium, the arena, even the home gym. Here is our pick for the 10 best pump up songs for sports.

  1. “We Will Rock You.” “We Will Rock You” is a 1977 song by the British rock band, Queen. With an a capella form, strong beat, stamping and clapping, it’s the perfect sports pump up song. Usually paired with “We Are The Champions,” this song is one of the most popular songs in arenas and stadiums.
  2. “We Are The Champions.” “We Are The Champions,” another 1977 hit by Queen, is usually a partner to “We Will Rock You.” The song is a great motivator for athletes, encouraging them to “keep on fighting ’til the end.” It has become an anthem for sports victories.
  3. “Eye Of The Tiger.” “Eye Of The Tiger” is a 1982 song by American rock band, Survivor. It was written for the boxing film “Rocky III” at the request of actor Sylvester Stallone. The powerful hard rock ballad pumps up athletes for a fight to the finish.
  4. “The Final Countdown.” “The Final Countdown” is a 1986 hit by Swedish rock band, Europe. Their most recognizable song is popular in sports arenas and stadiums. It’s also a staple of many high school and college bands, to pump up the athletes and rally the home crowd.
  5. “Don’t Stop Believin’.” “Don’t Stop Believin’” is a 1981 song by American rock band, Journey. The song is often a rally cry for baseball and hockey teams, and the encouraging lyrics make this song a great pump up song.
  6. “Bad.” “Bad” is a 1987 song by American singer Michael Jackson. Labeled classic “gothic rock,” the song is about proving your toughness. Athletes are all about proving themselves, which makes this song among the best pump up songs for sports.
  7. “Born To Be Wild.” “Born To Be Wild” is a 1968 hit by Canadian rock band, Steppenwolf. The song’s “heavy metal thunder” make this song a roaring anthem for athletes and sports fans.
  8. “Danger Zone.” “Danger Zone” is a 1986 song by American singer Kenny Loggins. Written for the movie “Top Gun,” the song is popular at NASCAR and sports arena events. The song’s intensity pumps up athletes, taking them to the edge.
  9. “Start Me Up.” “Start Me Up” is a 1981 song by English rock band, The Rolling Stones. Considered one of the ten best sports anthems, the song is a great motivator, pumping up athletes at the start of a game.
  10. “Another One Bites The Dust.” Our list of best sports pump up songs ends with “Another One Bites The Dust.” The 1980 song is another hit from Queen. Like many of the band’s songs, this one is a staple of arena and stadium sports. It pumps up athletes for victory.
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