10 Best States For Jobs 2009

In a recession, it is helpful for the unemployed to know the 10 best states for jobs in 2009. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average unemployment rates rose in every state that year. It was a difficult year for citizens searching for work; however, some states came to be the best states for jobs in 2009.

  1. North Dakota With national unemployment rate at 9.3 percent, North Dakota looked like a great place for jobs at only 4.3 percent unemployment. North Dakota has fewer job openings for those moving into the state, but had plenty for those who lived there in 2009.
  2. Nebraska Following up at 4.6 percent unemployment rate, Nebraska also held its own as one of the best states for jobs in 2009. The primary source of income in Nebraska stems from agriculture, but the state also has opportunities in health and business services.
  3. South Dakota Like its neighbor to the North, South Dakota stayed fairly steady with a 4.8 percent unemployment rate. Agriculture and the service industry are thriving in this mid-western state. Tourism also generates a great deal of income in South Dakota since it is the home of national treasures like Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and Crazy Horse.
  4. Iowa The next best state for jobs in 2009 made a jump in unemployment to 6.0 percent, still 3.3 percent lower than the national average, but 1.2 percent higher than South Dakota. Iowa has a large number of opportunities for truck drivers, agricultural workers and manufacturers.
  5. New Hampshire This New England state followed Iowa with a 6.3 percent unemployment rate. New Hampshire has strong mineral production, including sand and gravel, as well as healthy tourism.
  6. Oklahoma Only slightly worse than New Hampshire, Oklahoma had a 6.4 percent unemployment rate in 2009. A largely agricultural state, a great deal of the income comes from livestock, cotton and wheat.
  7. Wyoming This state also only had a 6.4 percent unemployment rate in 2009, but falls below Oklahoma because its unemployment rate rose 3.2 percent. Like North Dakota, Wyoming has a tiny population, so it only anticipates a small number of job openings each year, but it did fairly well for those already employed in 2009.
  8. Utah This western state followed up closely with a 6.6 percent unemployment rate. They have huge opportunities in mining and tourism. Utah also has growth in information technology and petroleum production.
  9. Kansas The Sunflower State tied with Virginia at a 6.7 percent unemployment rate. They have strong oil production, agriculture and natural gas sectors. They are also heavily influenced by the aerospace industry with manufacturers such as Boeing located there.
  10. Virginia The only state in the South Atlantic to make into the top ten states for jobs in 2009 had a 6.7 percent unemployment rate. However, it falls below Kansas because the unemployment rate rose 2.8 percent in 2009. Virginia has a number of employment options in tobacco, cattle and other farming. It is also home to seven Fortune 500 companies.


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