10 Best Strawberry Cocktails

With summer approaching, it is essential to add the 10 best strawberry cocktails to your bartending repertoire. Strawberries have always been a popular fruit, though they haven’t always been associated with alcohol. The pairing has been on the rise, especially in the summer when it’s easy to add alcohol to drinks like strawberry lemonade and strawberry smoothies.

  1. Strawberry Kiss A milkshake like cocktail with White Rum, Disaronno Amaretto, strawberries, and double cream. It’s fruity, pink, and easy to make. It makes a good desert for a summer barbecue.
  2. Strawberry Haze Made with White Rum, De Kuyper Wild Strawberry, Champagne, four strawberries, and sugar syrup. Just mix everything but the Champagne together in a martini shaker then pour into a glass and pour the champagne over the top. Something fancy but easy, you can serve it at an intimate party for friends or a business dinner.
  3. Champagne and Strawberry Cocktail Strawberries, vanilla sugar, balsamic vinegar, and champagne. Perfect for a party; just let the strawberries sit with some vanilla sugar for a few minutes then mash up the strawberries with a splash of vinegar. Strain through a sieve and fill a champagne glass part way then top with champagne, mix and it’s ready. Another good party favor, sweeter then some of the others and another good mix of strawberries and champagne.
  4. Strawberry-Basil Spritzer Sweet, refreshing, and something new. Vodka, strawberries, fresh basil leaves, simple syrup, and lime juice in a glass. It’s perfect for a hot summer afternoon or a warm evening.
  5. Strawberry, Lime, and Champagne Cocktail This drink takes a bit more work then others. Made with strawberries, sugar, fresh lime juice, brandy, club soda, and champagne. Make a puree with the strawberries, syrup, and lime juice, then pour it into a punch bowl, add in the sugar, brandy, and club soda and let it sit until it is cold. Then add the champagne slowly right before you serve. The extra work is worth and most recipes are made for mass servings instead of one or two.
  6. Strawberry Cocktail Put strawberries, Pisco (or Gin), sugar syrup, and crushed ice in a blender and flip the switch. Once it’s blended to you preference stick it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. Easy and one of the few cocktails that pairs strawberries with gin.
  7. Voila! Created in New York this strawberry cocktail stands out from others. Made with strawberry juice, Belvedere Vodka, mint leaves, black peppercorns, lime zest, and lime juice. It’s something different but definitely worth trying.
  8. Sparkling Strawberry Cocktail Made with strawberries, icing sugar, chilled vodka, and chilled sparkling wine this is a light, refreshing, but still elegant drink. It’s served in champagne flutes and comes out more red then pink for those who want to salvage a little dignity and not walk around with a neon pink drink.
  9. A Kiss Goodnight Made with rum, Sour Raspberry Pucker, strawberry flavored vodka, 7-Up, and cranberry juice. It’s easy to make, mix the strawberry vodka and raspberry pucker, add the cranberry juice then the 7-Up and top with the rum. This is a good drink for those times you can’t get your hands on real strawberries.
  10. Bacardi Dragon Berry Mojito Mint leaves, lime wedges, strawberries, Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, simple syrup, and club soda. Made just like a regular mojito just add the strawberries with the lime wedges, simple syrup, and mint leaves and muddle. Pour it into a glass with ice, add the Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, shake and add the club soda. 
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