10 Best Stupid Girl Songs

Opinions may vary, but the following listed 10 best stupid girl songs shouldn’t raise too many eyebrow, since it begins with the tune that most think of first where stupid girl songs are concerned.

  1. “Stupid Girl” Released in 1966 by The Rolling Stones, this obviously belongs at number one on the list due to its title. And further, this should be thought of as highly due to the number of times the phrase “stupid girl”is used within its lyrics.
  2. “Stupid Girls” Recorded by Pink and released in 2006, this is another song that belongs on any list of 10 best stupid girl songs due to its repetition of the phrases “stupid girl”and “stupid girls.”   
  3. “Stupid Girl” This 1996 release from the band Garbage is also an obvious choice, again due to its title and lyrics.
  4. “Stupid Girl” Neil Young also has views on the topic of, you guessed it, stupid girls. And he voiced them in this 1975 release. 
  5. “It’s My Party” Though more subtle in its title and delivery, this is a song that in retrospect (since its 1963 deliverance) contains an artful performance by Lesley Gorebut tells the story of a stupid girl.
  6. “It’s the End of the World” Also in 1963, Skeeter Davis gave a brilliant performance of this well-written piece. However, the fact that the character portrayed in the lyrics has given up on life after a romance’s break-up also qualifies her as a stupid girl.
  7. “Navy Blue” This bit of fluff sung by Diane Renay bemoans the 1964 induction of her boyfriend into the U.S. Navy (and her belief that life as she knows it has ended). Duh!  
  8. “Soldier Boy” Diane Renay struck again almost simultaneously with this hit (that is eerily similar to her previous foray listed as #7).
  9. “Under My Thumb”. As constant purveyors of misogyny, The Rolling Stones managed to secure a hit with this in 1966. (And if you listen to the lyrics you’ll find that the girl in question is truly stupid.)
  10. “Southern Girls”  Though most agree that no offence was intended by this Cheap Trick song from 1977, the lyrics all the same illustrate the dull-minded nature of groupies…therefore making them seem like stupid girls.

And as long as songwriters and stupid girls coexist, the list of stupid girl songs will no doubt grow longer.

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