10 Best Stupid Love Songs

Want to know what the 10 best stupid love songs are? Great! This article will provide you with a list of the 10 best stupid love songs that had been researched and voted on by various sources around the web. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a cheesy love song to send to your sweetheart or just making fun of songs, this list will surely get your attention.

  1. John Mayer – "Your Body Is a Wonderland". While this song is great for teeny boppers and young girls, no one can take this song serious as a romantic love song. He's basically pawing at the woman, come on!
  2. Celine Dion – "My Heart Will Go On". Not only was this one of the most played out songs of the '90s, but it's the Titanic theme. Everyone refers to this song with Rose and Jack in the classic remake of The Titanic. This song has an ego that even Journey can't fill.
  3. Beyonce featuring Jay-Z – "Crazy In Love". Girl, if you are that crazy in love, you need to check into rehab. Seriously, no one should be crazy with love. Love should be an understanding and mutual feeling. This song has stalkerish undertones.
  4. Olivia Newton-John – "I Honestly Love You". Oh yes, honestly loving someone is enough. If you can't say I love you, without the wording "honestly" being in the sentence, something might be wrong. Red flag.
  5. Sonny & Cher – "I Got You Babe". While this song is a classic, it might be one of the worst romantic love songs, ever. It's karaoke hit, but who would play this as a romantic song for their lover? It seems like this is a convincing type of song, not the devotion type of song.
  6. Taylor Swift- "Love Story". So many things wrong with this song. It's a newer song, and many tweens love it. But Taylor Swift refers to two movies that weren't very romantic at all. "Scarlet Letter" and "Romeo and Juliet", and as I recall they both end up dying.
  7. Bif Naked – "Lucky". While this song is actually very instrumental and many people love it for that, the lyrics are not exactly romantic, and were made for a lesbian couple. While nothing is wrong with lesbians, at all, the song lacks – emotion. Half of the song is talking about an encounter when she was so drunk she did not remember her picture being taken.
  8. R. Kelly – "Ignition (Remix)". While guys always get turned on by talking about sexy cars, this song is a bad analogy. Try to jest busy with this song, and any girl would laugh just because this song would be playing.
  9. Hanson – "MmmBop". Everyone knows this was a poppy love song, but no one is sure what it was exactly about, except that someone's love was "mmm..bop…".
  10. Rihanna with Jay-Z – "Umbrella". No other song has referred to an umbrella so many times, so much as Rihanna has. This song is catchy but not truly a romantic song. If anything, it's one of those songs that will have 10 other spoof songs remade in place of it.
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