10 Best Stupid People Songs

Most will agree that the following ten best stupid people songs should at least be considered when thinking of such, and further recognize the value of each within this context.

  1. “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” Technically this hit  by Napoleon XIV deals with mental illness. But anyone listening to the lyrics will realize that the core of the story more aptly illustrates enough stupidity to include it as one of the all-time ten best stupid people songs.
  2. “Uneasy Rider.” Released by The Charlie Daniels Band, this song tells the story of its hero’s run-in with stupid people of the redneck kind. 
  3. “Spiders and Snakes.” This release by Jim Stafford tells the tale of adolescent fumbling enacted by a less than brilliant young man during his first romantic encounters.
  4. “Pencil Neck Geek." The title of this novelty song by former pro wrestler Fred Blassie says it all, where stupid people songs are concerned.
  5. “Valley Girl." Moon Zappa (daughter of legendary composer Frank Zappa) clued the world into a sub-culture, every bit as obnoxious as it is stupid, with this hit.
  6. “Dancin’ Fool.” Frank Zappa preceded daughter Moon’s hit with this scathing view of the disco lifestyle. It was released at the height of disco madness and was also a huge success.
  7. “The Streak.” Ray Stevens capitalized on the trend of running nude in public by delivering this terrifically entertaining crossover hit. It has remained recognizable by most to this day, and is generally considered as a classic.
  8. “'Cause I’m a Blond.” Gifted songstress (and redhead) Julie Brown gave her views on the lighter headed of us in this song, and did so in a hilarious fashion.
  9. “Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette.” Even way back when, most knew tobacco was bad for you. And Tex Williams reminded the world of it with this ditty describing the stupidity of smoking.
  10. “I Got Stoned and I Missed It.” Dr. Hook took a look at a different form of smoking with this song, and in the process the band delivered a humorous yet cautionary tale concerning the stupidity attached to drug abuse.

Keep in mind however that this list must remain open-ended, as talented individuals continue to write songs in a world that still has no shortage of stupid people.

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