10 Best Stupid Rap Songs

If you are looking for the 10 best stupid rap songs, you sure came to the right place. While the rap genre is great and has evolved in many ways, there are some songs that everybody wishes would be put in a vault and forgotten. While some of the songs listed below are amusing, they surely aren't the best rap songs ever made.

  1. “Make Em Say Uhh!” Master P featuring Silkk, Fiend Mia X and Mystikal This song must have taken at least 1.5 seconds to think of. While this song almost good beat to it, the nonsensical lyrics are the only lyrics most people remember.
  2. “Informer” Snow Reggae-rap for Canadians isn't the best collaboration and never before has the English language been assaulted in such a harsh way. Part of the song is made up words and phrases that don't mean a thing.
  3. “Ay Bay Bay” Hurricane Chris "Ay Bay Bay” is repeated at least 60 times, if not more, through the song and the lyrics throughout the rest of the song don't really have much meaning, if any. This is more of a practice run for an idea of a song than an actual song.
  4. “Say I Yi Yi” Ying Yang Twins The twins have done it again. Yes, they put out another track that makes people wonder why they are famous. While rap has gone in different directions over the years, it wasn't meant to be slaughtered with these lyrics.
  5. “Crank Dat” Soulja Boy This song got way too much air time and Soulja Boy has way too much confidence in this song. The lyrics are ridiculous, not to mentionSuperman would be ashamed.
  6. “Gettin' Jiggy wit It” Will Smith Mr. Smith, we love you in your movies, but as far as rap goes, please let someone else handle that. This song was the most played out and insanely annoying song of the '90s.
  7. "The Humpty Dance" Digital Underground Do the humpty hump. Shall we say more? Please lock this in a vault and let aliens listen to it years from now. They'll be impressed, again.
  8. "Hip Hop Hooray" Naughty By Nature While people thought this song was cool when they were twelve, people waving their hands in the air will only hail a taxi cab in today's world.
  9. "Whoomp! (There It Is)" Tag Team This has the be an anthem for basketball because people only refer to the song when they are at a basketball game. End of story.
  10. "Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice This song mocks the entire rap genre and while it's a classic for frat boy parties, not much skill went into this song. Not much came out of this song, but mocking and teasing and thirteen-year-old boys jumping on their bed while the music video came on MTV.
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