10 Best Stupid Songs

There's terrible music, then there's terrible music that you can't help loving: These are the ten best stupid songs.

  1. “Blue” When this song came out it seemed that no one was quite sure whether to love it or hate it. As a consequence it was played non-stop for weeks and, despite the ridicule it received, no one quite had the heart to turn it off.
  2. “Cotton Eye Joe” When you’re at a middle school dance or some kids birthday party, you’re certain to hear this song at some point. Its popularity is a mystery, and so is the reason you’ll be bobbing your head or tapping your foot when it inevitably comes on.
  3. “Sandstorm” Grab your glow sticks. This techno beat is known even by people who don’t know techno. It’s ridiculous, repetitive, and catchy, earning it a solid place on the list.
  4. “Dragostea din tei” More popularly known as the “Numa Numa” song. This song probably never would have been noticed in the United States if some guy with a webcam hadn’t decided to film himself dancing to it.
  5. “Umbrella” Whenever this song comes on we’re not sure if just once Rihanna is going to get caught in a loop and just keep saying “ella” forever. It’s a terrible song, yet wildly popular when it came out.
  6. “Barbie Girl” Another middle school dance song. Aqua, the group that released this somehow catchy monstrosity, may not have any other songs that anyone cares about, but “Barbie Girl” was certainly a hit.
  7. “I Ran” I ran, I ran so far away…but couldn’t get away (from this song).
  8. “I am the Walrus” OK, The Beatles are undeniably a great band who did a lot for music. However, this song is proof that at some point they lost a few of their marbles.
  9. “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” We couldn’t have a list of the best stupid songs without including one of Meatloaf’s epic ballads. But fans of Meatloaf shouldn’t take this as an insult. This song is just so over the top that it had to be included.
  10. “867-5309/Jenny” Tommy Tutone had one song, and this was it. It’s catchy and it’s probably never going to go away completely. Still, most people can’t even get the numbers right.
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