10 Best Styx Songs

Curious about the 10 best Styx songs? Styx is a timeless band; they first rose to fame and success in the 1970s. Their music has been enjoyed by fans ever since, and they continue to actively tour. You may recognize many of their songs from radio play and their prominent placement in many films, including the hit film "The Virgin Suicides." Whether you are a diehard fan of Styx or simply a lover of rock music, you'll enjoy this list.

  1. "Lady" "Lady" is one of the earliest and greatest Styx songs. It was a hit in Chicago, yet it did not chart overall for the United States. It has also been enjoyed far beyond its original release, and it was recently featured on an episode of "The Office."
  2. "Show Me the Way" "Show Me the Way" was a Styx song from the album "Edge of the Century." It was the second single from that album. It's something of a power ballad, and it was written by the band's lead vocalist about the challenges of keeping faith in the world.
  3. "Crystal Ball" "Crystal Ball" is both a hit song and a hit album from Styx. Released as the second single, the song has the classic Styx sound with fun yet powerful lyrics. It was originally released in 1977, and it has also had success as a karaoke song.
  4. "Come Sail Away" "Come Sail Away" was a Styx single from the album "The Grand Illusion." It's one of the all-time greatest hits from Styx, and it was a big part of the prom scene in "The Virgin Suicides."
  5. "Why Me" "Why Me" is a song from the Styx album "Cornerstone." It is a great song by Dennis DeYoung, and it charted on the Billboard 100. Although "Why Me" is a rather common song title, this song is unique. You'll likely be singing along once you've heard it once or twice.
  6. "Love Is the Ritual" "Love Is the Ritual" was a hit single from the Styx album "Edge of the Century." Although unconventional, the song is a fan favorite. Glen Burtnik actually wrote "Love Is the Ritual" before joining Styx as a replacement for Tommy Shaw.
  7. "Nothing Ever Goes as Planned" "Nothing Ever Goes as Planned" is an often true statement, and it's the name of a great Styx song as well. As the third single from "Paradise Theatre," this song is one of those great story songs, and it was a hit in the summer of 1981. Almost thirty years later, it's still much enjoyed.
  8. "Renegade" "Renegade" is a strong, raw song from Styx. It is one of the band's biggest hits to this day, and it's told from the perspective of an outlaw. The outlaw realizes that he's about to be killed for his crimes, and it's an interesting song on many levels. The lyrics are especially strong.
  9. "Everything Is Cool" "Everything Is Cool" is a Styx single from 1999. It's from their album, "Brand New World." Although it isn't one of their greatest hits, fans love it.
  10. "Don't Let It End" "Don't Let It End" is a passionate love song from Styx. It's a mid-tempo ballad. In this strong song, a jilted lover begs for his love to come back to him. It has the classic Styx sound, and Styx also had a great music video that perfectly matched this hit single.
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