10 Best Summer Date Ideas

These 10 best summer date ideas will show you how to best take advantage of the warm weather and have fun with your girl. Many summer activities also can be very romantic (and involve little clothing). Make sure to share them all with your date this summer.

  1. Outdoor movie screenings. Many city venues host outdoor screening events all through the summer when nights are warm and romantic. Usually, the movie night features an older classic like "Vertigo" or "The Breakfast Club." Pick a weekend when a romantic film is being screened and take your date. Bring plenty of blankets to cuddle under.
  2. Picnicking. A great summer date idea involves plenty of food underneath the open sky. Take your date out to a local park or field and bring a blanket and a basket of good food and wine. A picnic is a great way to get away from all outside distractions and enjoy some alone time with your date in the great outdoors.
  3. Wine tasting. Touring vineyards and wine tasting makes a great summer date activity. If you want to really spoil your date, hire a private car or limo to whisk the two of you off from vineyard to vineyard. If you can’t journey out to wine country, try taking your date to a wine bar, where you’ll be able to sample different wines and cheeses on their patio and enjoy the summer weather.
  4. Barbecuing. Nothing says summer like an old-fashioned barbecue. Have your date over to your house and grill her up some steak and chicken with corn and other veggies. Enjoy the food outside in the summer heat. If you’re planning a group date, a barbecue can be a great option as well; just have everyone bring over different types of food to grill up.
  5. Outdoor concerts. Outdoor concert venues like the Hollywood Bowl are perfect summer date ideas. Surprise your date and buy tickets to her favorite band. There are also many outdoor concert festivals that run throughout the summer. For a great summer weekend, take your girl to a music festival featuring jazz, blues, rock or country, depending on your date’s taste.
  6. Romantic bike ride. If you and your date both love physical activity, take advantage of the summer and go for a romantic bike ride. Pick a trail with beautiful scenery on the way and journey out together. Make sure to take a break halfway through to appreciate the view together.
  7. Water activities. If you live near a beach or lake, taking a dip is a great summer date idea. Surf, boogie board, or just stay in the sand and admire your date’s bikini. If you don’t have a body of water nearby, take your date to the pool to cool off and catch some rays.
  8. Amusement parks. Get some thrill in this summer by heading to your local amusement park. This great summer date activity will give you and your date plenty of fun all day, plus the roller coasters will have her holding onto you. Make sure to check out some of the theme park’s entertainment shows, too.
  9. Camping. Head to the wilderness for a low key, romantic getaway and a great summer date idea. Pitch a tent or stay in a cabin if your date is not much of the outdoors type. Pick a place where you can stay busy kayaking, hiking and biking. You’ll come back from your summer escape refreshed and closer to your girl.
  10. Take a stroll. For a great summer date activity, head to the city and take a long walk with your date. Enjoy the warm weather and stop at a few places instead of just one restaurant. Try hitting up a bar for drinks, an eatery for appetizers, and a bakery to finish the outing off with dessert.
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