10 Best Summer Movies 2010

The 10 best summer movies of 2010 reflect the type of year 2010 was beginning to look like. From major blockbusters to the rise of the independent film, it was a year full of surprises. The summer displayed a few duds, but most were great hits.

  1. "Iron Man 2" Audiences couldn't get enough of Robert Downey Jr. This big budget action flick still maintains heart and charisma—much like the leading man himself, Tony Stark. "Iron Man 2" was nothing short of a good, metallic time.
  2. "Robin Hood" Summer blockbusters are all about using big names and making big projects. "Robin Hood" did just that. By making this film darker than the usual cartoon version, the film is more adult and has much more vigorous violence.
  3. "Letters to Juliet" This film's story spans decades of lost love. Using Shakespearean references, this film was a pleasant summer surprise. Each character in this film is saturated with love. The love practically oozes out of the screen.  
  4. "Get Him to the Greek" This is one of those films that reminds us that life isn't about the goals, but about the journey. The two lead characters in this film have a summer/winter relationship, but never knew how much they needed each other. This summer hit is full of laughs, but surprised everywhere with its massive heart and great message.
  5. "Cyrus" This film's subject matter is full of "indie attitude." With awkward comedic moments and subtle humor, "Cyrus" became one of the best movies for the summer of 2010. The cast was perfectly matched together along with the mockumentary style of filmmaking.
  6. "Grown Ups" Its always weird to see your old friends again, particularly when its at a funeral. But "Grown Ups" makes this situation humorous. It's filled with comedic legends like Adam Sandler, Kevin James and David Spade. It gets even more interesting when the kids steal the humor from these guys.
  7. "Toy Story 3" This film was a welcome addition to the summer of 2010. Everyone loves the animated toys that come to life on the screen and in the heart. The characters find themselves, once again, clambering for Andy's affection. But what they get, are some tough lessons.
  8. "Inception" One of the best movies of  the summer, if not the best movie of 2010. "Inception" explores the deep recesses of the mind when its in a dreamlike state. However, the action and incredible effects make this movie top-notch.
  9. "Eat Pray Love" As fans of the book anxiously awaited the arrival of the film, it got a lot of press and. Once it hit theaters, "Eat Pray Love" made a visual impact for everyone. Spanning different continents and showing the world, this film was massive in production. However, it still maintained a small world charm.
  10. "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" The visuals for this film were echoed throughout Hollywood like stuff of legend. The story is humorous and charming. But the themes of comic book art acted as the residue that held the film together.



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