10 Best Surf Leashes

If you are curious about what the 10 best surf leashes are, you have come to the right place. Surfing is a sport that benefits from the best accessories so we decided to put in the leg work and come up with what we think are the best surf leashes you can find on the Internet. Check them out:

  1. XM Comp Lite Surfboard Leash. One of the best surf leashes you will find, this one is best suited for small to medium size waves. A single ankle strap makes it easy to take on and off when the need arises.

  2. Dakine Kainui Longboard Calf Leash. This leash made our list of the top 10 best surf leashes, because its urethane cord is virtually unbreakable. The double brass swivels and molded fittings round out the flexibility of the leash.

  3. Creatures of Leisure Leash. There is a leash to fit almost any size board, so each leash is practically custom made to provide an amazing fit on six foot boards or twelve foot boards alike. Most models offer a 12 month guarantee which is what put them on our list of the best surf leashes on the market.

  4. FCS Comp Surf Leash. Affordable, durable and stylish, these leashes come in various sizes and colors to match many styles of boards. The detachable rail saver and cuff makes the leash easy to use too.

  5. Destination Surfboard Leash. This one made our list of the 10 best surf leashes because it’s slightly thicker than the average leash which provides plenty of reliability to those who like to surf the wild ones. The built in neoprene pad keeps ankles feeling good which can help keep you in the water longer.

  6. Surftech Board Leash. This is one short board leash that you shouldn’t overlook. Stainless steel swivels and a patented rail saving design makes this design one of a kind and one of the best surf leashes you can find.

  7. Wham-O Pro Coil Leash. This wrist leash provides dual brass swivels, padded neoprene cuffs and a heavy duty plug to make things that much easier while in the water. It can be used for surfing and body boarding, making it a great overall leash.

  8. Sticky Bumps Competition Weight Surfboard Leash. This one makes our list of the best surf leashes due to the fact that it’s reliable enough to be used for competitions, but affordable and practical enough to be used even by those just starting out. The strong tether and hefty design make it hard to believe how light and flexible the leash is.

  9. Bully’s Thermo-Lite Surfboard Leash. The segmented leg strap provides lots of flexibility for any size wave. In addition, the high density foam rail saver is easy to use and light to boot.

  10. H20 Surfboard Leash. Rounding out our list of the 10 best surf leashes on the market is the H20 because it is easy to attach in or out of the water with the single strap ankle Velcro system. A key pocket and closed cell hook make this a stellar choice for the beginner, or the pro.

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