10 Best Surf Spots In Mexico

It’s difficult to choose the 10 best surf spots in Mexico because the country is absolutely stacked with quality surf. Its location is perfect for picking up both Northern and Southern hemisphere swells. Plus, Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. makes it one of the cheapest and most accessible surf destinations. The following will highlight some of the best surf spots in Mexico from north to south.

  1. K-38: There are lots of great surf spots in Baja Norte. Some are hard to find, some are right off the side of the road. This region is packed with great surf and offers plenty of room to explore.
  2. Salsipuedes: This is one of many perfect right-hand pointbreaks in Baja. This particular wave needs a big swell to work properly, but when it’s on, it is well worth the wait. The secret is out on this place and has been for a long time. Still–Salsipuedes is one of the best surf pots in Mexico.
  3. Todos Santos: Killers, the big right hand pointbreak reeling off the end of Todos Santos Island, is not only one of the best surf spots in Mexico. It’s one of the best waves in the world. When a huge swell lights up the NPAC, Todos is often the go to spot to ride the swell’s last few pulses.
  4. Natividad: Feeling primal? There isn’t much to do on this island but surf and try to survive. Not really a good trip for weekend-warrior types, but extremely rewarding for those who have it dialed.
  5. Los Cabos: Part party town, part surf town, Cabo is one of the best places in the world to find out if you can still shred after ripping tequila shots until 3 am.
  6. Pascuales: This is one of the best beach breaks in Mexico. The wave at Pascuales breaks a bit farther out than its cousin Puerto Escondido, but the heaving barrels are very similar. A look at any of Brian Conley’s videos prove why this spot is one of the best surf spots in Mexico.
  7. Nexpa: If big ol’ left pointbreaks tickle your fancy, then Nexpa in the Michoacan region is a must visit Mexican surf spot. This point can hold some serious size and is definitely one of the better lefts in the country.
  8. Puerto Escondido: Zicatella, PE’s infamous beach break, is arguably one of the best beach breaks in the world. One solid barrel in Puerto will make a believer out of anyone, but one solid wipe out will quickly explain why Puerto is one of the heaviest waves in Mexico.
  9. Barra: The right point in Barra de La Cruz used to be a bit of a secret, but after the Rip Curl contest the secret is out and it is widely considered one of the best surf spots in Mexico. It rarely gets as good as the contest day, but it is still world-class.
  10. Salinas Cruz: Southern Oaxaca is seriously holding. There are tons of rumors of sand-bottom points that are “way better than barra.” Lack of access keeps crowds to a minimum. The best surf spots in Mexico are out there, un-ridden, for those willing to make the trek.
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