10 Best Sushi Restaurants: Dallas

Looking for the 10 best sushi restaurants in Dallas? Dallas is at big city, and all great cities have fine restaurants, whether specializing in continental, ethnic or regional dishes. Here are the 10 best sushi restaurants in Dallas.

  1. Sushi Time. Located in the neighborhood of Northwest Dallas/Love Field, Sushi Time is well known for two things: great sushi and great prices. Because it is so popular, sometimes service slows down, but big groups can call and order ahead. Sushi Time: 1638 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75235, (214) 951-0660.
  2. Genki Sushi & Steak. The great things going for Genki are the reasonable pricing and the excellent customer service. Even folks who are Japanese by origin, and therefore know their sushi, swear by it. The fish are extremely fresh and the portions just right, not skimpy at all. The sushi comes in small portions, which makes it easy to try many types. Definitely a no-nonsense, perfect place for the sushi beginner to try out. Genki Sushi & Steak: 14902 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75254, (972) 788-2629.
  3. Sushi House. This sushi restaurant is informally known by its loyal fans as "The little sushi bar that could," even though it comes across as a modest, hole-in-the-wall affair and is easy to overlook. The place really has its charm, offering a great dining experience every time. The food is great, the service is just as great and the prices are reasonable. Sushi House: 5619 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75209, (214) 350-2100.
  4. Nori Sushi. Situated in the Northwest Dallas/Love Field area, Nori is a great sushi restaurant for casual dining, serving lunch and dinner. It is considered to be the largest sushi bar in Dallas, with a wide selection of rolls and a vibrant bar crowd enjoying the live weekend entertainment. They stay open until two in the morning daily. Nori Sushi: 2212 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220, (972) 993-7888.
  5. Ku Sushi & Japanese Cuisine. The customer service is just as good as the sushi at this sushi restaurant. They have a great dining atmosphere and an informative menu. The rolls are quite tasty, using the freshest fish available, if a bit pricey. But good quality doesn't come cheap. Dark walls and cool blue lighting promote a serene dining atmosphere. Ku Sushi & Japanese Cuisine: 11661 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230, (214) 891-0400.
  6. Sushi Star. Reservations are usually not required at Sushi Star, and this sushi restaurant operates at high efficiency. The place is comfortable, compact yet not loud. The waiters are attentive and the sushi is priced well considering it is really quite good. Sushi Star: 5956 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75230, (214) 692-8989.
  7. Sushi World. Sushi World, aside from offering a great range of delicious sushi, has a karaoke room for those special occasions. The staff and the owner treat customers very well, explaining the order sheets clearly and patiently describing some of the intricacies of the dishes. Even if you live far away, this is a place that beckons. Sushi World: 1001 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX 75202, (214) 999-6050.
  8. Sushi Bar. A visit to Sushi Bar is not quite complete without sampling their signature dish, the Ahi Tuna Tower, loaded with lots of goodies and with a slight kick. This sushi restaurant uses fresh ingredients and offers outstanding fare, from the salmon teriyaki to the creatively assembled Fried Green Tea Ice Cream Tower. Sushi Bar: 8102 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Dallas, TX 75251, (972) 239-7913.
  9. Sushi Axion Henderson. Sometimes, the service in this place is slow on Friday night or Saturday, but that can be blamed on its popularity. The wide and gorgeous sushi selection is quite excellent for sushi lovers in the Dallas area. Sushi Axion Henderson: 2323 North Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX 75206, (214) 828-2288.
  10. Sushi Zushi. The menu at Sushi Zushi can at first glance be overwhelming, but the  waiters are patient in giving their recommendations. Very good sushi for the price you have to pay. If you crave great sushi, this place will not disappoint. It has a wide variety to choose from and every item is fresh and delicious. Sushi Zushi: 3858 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219, (214) 522-7253.
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