10 Best Sushi Restaurants: San Diego

Sushi is some of the most popular Japanese plates offered anywhere and the 10 best sushi bars in San Diego are some of the best anywhere. San Diego has plenty to offer, arguably the best weather, sand, surf and sushi bars! Now, raw fish (by the way not all sushi is raw) my not be the first thing that comes to mind for dinner. Sushi however is a taste bonanza. The flavors are amazing and the presentation beautiful. Sushi bars are an amazing commodity offering authentic Japanese cuisine and a flavor-filled experience unmatched. Check out these ten San Diego sushi bars for fine dining and good times.

  1. Sushi Ota is a taste sensation from the first bite. Awesome cuisine with many favorites like salmon, yellow tail, sea bass and some sushi bar specials like fried oysters and sea urchin. Very laid back atmosphere, perfect for a quiet dinner with friends. A Sushi Ota: 4529 Mission Bay Dr. (858) 270-5670
  2. Hane Sushi proves sushi is a force of flavor to that should be on everyone’s menu. They offer monster rolls and something they call the three-way (mind out of the gutter please), which is a three fish combo, exquisite. Great service, wonderful food, what more could you ask? Hane Sushi: 2760 5th Ave. (619) 260-1411
  3. Sushi Diner may be a mundane name (those Japanese and their creativity) but the food is far from mundane. This is really a fun spot with wonderful food. Love the staff and the master chef is a riot. Offering traditional eats with a few fantastic in bar creations. Sushi 7530 Mesa College Dr Ste B. (858) 565-1179
  4. Ebisu Sushi Bar is a spice of life and a fantastic sushi bar that offers an amazing variety. If you are looking for something out o the ordinary then come on by. Their specialty rolls are out of this world. An extensive bar as well, wash down the hot as … H-Bomb with some sake, yummy. Ebisu Sushi Bar: 3765 6th Ave. (619) 297-3119
  5. Taka in English translates to quantity or amount, meaning the enormous amount of sushi you get for your dollar! Great selection of sushi in a contemporary setting, with all sushi is made before your eyes at the sushi bar. Taka: 555 5th Ave. (619) 338-0555
  6. Surfside Sushi has taken the delicacy of sushi and added a Californian flair. Has a huge menu with some very special bits, including Spanish mackerel and sweet shrimp. The drinks menu is equally as impressive with sake, Japanese beer and cocktails. Surfside Sushi: 4527 Mission Blvd. (858) 273-2979
  7. Harney Sushi claims it has sushi for your soul and well, they do. With a live disc-jockey spinning tunes nightly and a sushi menu for the ages, this place rocks. Be sure to take in a few maki rolls and sashimi, they are exceptional. Harney Sushi: 3964 Harney St. (619) 295-3272
  8. Tokyo Sushi Loha is the trendsetter with the college crowd. A San Diego State University favorite for its awesome cuisine and kick back and enjoy environment. They serve some of the best sushi and dare it be said, the BEST California roll. Tokyo Sushi Loha: 6784 El Cajon Blvd Ste D. (619) 644-8600
  9. Azuki Sushi boasts a wonderful staff serving some excellent sushi. The chef behind the counter whips up as much fun as he does sushi. Try their miso with your sushi, excellent combination and nontraditional dipping sauce. Azuki Sushi: 2321 5th Ave. (619) 238-4760
  10. RK Cafe Sushi rounds out this parade of ten exceptional sushi bars in San Diego. RK stand for Really Kool with sweet sushi platters and sashimi. If you want great food mixed in with some good times, look no further. RK Cafe Sushi: 334 W Washington St. (619) 574-6630
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