10 Best Tackles In Football

The 10 best tackles in football can be found to be quite amusing. There is always someone in the NFL who is anxious to be number one at the position they hold. Tacklers in the NFL get great recognition when it comes to their positions and remaining consistent throughout the remainder of the season. The following list will give you an idea of the best tackles in the football.

  1. Jamal Williams plays for the San Diego Chargers and is one of the biggest centers in the league. Williams has 311 tackles, while most are 4-3 defensive tackles. This number one tackler has taken a lot of offensive players by surprise.
  2. Shaun Rogers from the Cleveland Browns became a star in one season. Rogers had previously played with another team for seven years and never received the attention he deserved for his awesome tackles. Rogers also succeeded with the 4-3 defensive tackle.
  3. Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots has learned how to master his defensive gain. Wilfork has played 67 games and accomplished 188 defensive tackles. Wilfork was not as successful with previous teams as he was with the England Patriots; his talent became more open once he transitioned.
  4. Casey Hampton of the Pittsburgh Steelers has played with several teams and has been overlooked while doing so. Once Hampton ventured to the Steelers, his tackles soared to an all time high of 150. Hampton is known to have the most upper body strength in the league. His teammates say he has the upper body strength of a bear that you can feel as you're being moved off the line of scrimmage.
  5. Kris Jenkins of the New York Jets has made his career from 4-3 defensive tackles. This fast-growing tackler has made his way in such short time, but with skill and consistency.
  6. Robert Gallery is a rookie who joined the league as a defensive back. Shaking the charts with the Oakland Raiders, Gallery took crowds by surprise with his 304 defensive form of tackling. This tackler was picked because of his ability to tackle one player after another. Gallery makes a rookie's job look as though it's suppose to be enjoyed.
  7. Jason Smith was a first-round pick and started with a consistent style of tackling which took him from zero to success. His cornerback defense for the St. Louis Rams is what caused Smith to earn such rewards. The rookie awards for his team were granted to him his first year in the NFL.
  8. Andre Smith is another rookie who was a first-round pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. Smith was known for his awesome defensive tackles but found himself falling off during camps and workouts. Andre finally learned the importance of each workout and camp training and begin taking advantage of it. This is where he regained his strength in tackling and became a dominant tackler using 4-3 defensive tackles.
  9. Eugene Monroe took time off from trying out for the NFL and finally settled down in Jacksonville with the Jaguars. This gave Monroe the look he needed and the type of training to strengthen his defensive tackles. Tackling is his dominant performance on the field and he made sure everyone else knew just that.
  10. Michael Oher plays with the Baltimore Ravens and is currently known for his quick hands and awesome defensive tackling. This tackler is often found in the workout rooms and on the field practicing alone. Oher is a dominant player on and off the field and it shows through his performance.
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