10 Best Taco Trucks in Los Angeles

Feed your beast in the City of Fallen Angels at the 10 ten best taco trucks in Los Angeles. Every major city has street food. On the East coast it's hot dog carts or pretzel vendors, in the Mid-West it's pizza. In Los Angeles, taco trucks are where you get the best street food. Taco trucks roam the streets of Los Angeles serving up everything from exotic gourmet tacos and burritos to the deliciously greasy classic carne asada tacos. Los Angeles taco trucks are the life's blood of the city's residents. They supply cheap food in a hurry for a work force on the go. They provide the fuel needed to make it through the  booze filled nights and sun drenched mornings; and they are fun to chase when you're bored. Los Angeles would not be able to live without out our beloved taco trucks.

  1. The Flying Pig ( Location: changes daily)- The Flying Pig is one of the many gourmet taco trucks in Los Angeles. They put a different spin of the classic taco that we all know and love. Greasy carne asada tacos are replaced with tamarind duck tacos and mushroom taco. At $2.50 per taco they are among one of the pricier taco trucks roaming the city. To keep the hipsters entertained they change their location daily and make their whereabouts know via Twitter. 
  2. El Matador (Location: Western and Lexington in the tire shop parking lot)- El Matador is the king of the Los Angeles taco trucks. Best known for their thick chunks of beef and flavorful salsa, this taco truck is a East Hollywood legend. From the moment the sun goes down, until the wee hours of the  morning, you can find everyone from business men, working stiffs and drunken party people stuffing their faces with taco goodness.
  3. Nom Nom Truck (Location: changes daily)- A gourmet Los Angeles taco truck who built it's reputation of its amazing chicken lemon-grass tacos and huge portions. They change locations every few hours, but post their location and times on their Twitter feed. If you're in the mood to chase down some tacos, you wont be disappointed.
  4. Tacos Sinaloa (Location: Corner of Figueroa and Ave 55 in Highland Park)- At $1.50 per taco, Los Angeles taco truck doesn't get much cheaper. We suggest that you have the tacos al pastor with the avocado salsa yummy.
  5. El Palador Oaxaqueno (Location: Barry Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd)- This Los Angeles taco truck is know for their "taco quesillo". The "taco quesillo" is two corn tortilla coated with black bean paste. Then they add the quesillo-which is a kind of Mexican cheese- some salsa roja, a slice of tomato and a slice of fresh avocado. Excuse us while we wipe the drool off of our chin.
  6. La Estrella (Location: Colorado and Eagle Rock Blvd. at the Valero gas station)- This is a classic Los Angeles taco truck. They serve tacos that are piled high with chunks of beef, pork or chicken, and smothered in onions, cilantro and spicy salsa.
  7. El Pique (Location: York and Ave. 53 in Eagle Rock)- This Los Angeles taco truck has some of the best salsa in the city. It's not a fire salsa, but what it lacks in heat, it makes up for in flavor.
  8. Tacos el Guro Sexi ( Location Whittier Blvd. and Atlantic Blvd. East LA)- Located in the heart of East Los Angeles, we dare you to resist their sexi tacos.
  9. Taco el Carne (Location: Alameda off ramp of the 10 Freeway)-  Nothing takes the edge off of being stuck in traffic like knowing there is an Los Angeles taco truck at the next exit.
  10. El Taki Taco (Figueroa and Ave. 51 in Highland Park)- The meat used in their tacos al pastor is well seasoned, crispy and fantastic after a night of drinking.
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