10 Best Team Drinking Games

They're here, we've got 'em, it's the 10 best team drinking games ever! We think you know just what made the list. Can you win all of the best team drinking games? After all, team drinking games are designed to be just a little tricky. Yet, it all comes down to that one think we drink for anyway: confidence.

  1. Beer Pong. Sure every wannabe frat boy is well acquainted with this game, but the impact of Beer Pong not only as one of the best team drinking games but also its cultural impact demonstrates why it should be numero uno on this list. Bounce the balls in the cup to make the other team drink. First team to lose all their cups looses the game!
  2. Team Cup Flip. Cup Flip a series of addicting and entertaining team drinking games. In essence, you will be lined up on either side; the first person drinks, then flips their cup, then so on and so forth until one team emerges victorious!
  3. Anchor Man. Make sure you're popular with the opposing team in Anchor Man. Each team takes turns bouncing a quarter into a pitcher. Whoever bounces the quarter in gets to choose which person (on the opposite team) gets to be the "Anchor Man". The loosing team takes turns drinking from the pitcher full of beer (with no minimum amount of consuming required); then, the "Anchor Man" goes last and finishes off the pitcher, no matter how much is left!
  4. Team Chug! Like you've never heard of these drinking games! Well, Team Chug is similar to regular "chugging", in which two people would drink to see who finishes first. The team version, on the other hand, is done with multiple people on two different sides. Be sure to split up "social" and "heavy" drinkers fairly, you cheater you.
  5. Team Beer Roulette. Make sure you have one can for every player and a referee. The ref shakes half of the cans and shuffles them within the normal beers in the ice chest. Each player takes a turn picking out a beer; the team with the most "shaken"/exploding beer cans loses. Quite an interesting take on team drinking games if we don't say so ourselves.
  6. Chandelier. Sitting in a circle of beer cups (and one in the middle), only one team gets to make the shots (a 'turn'). Your job is to try to throw the ping pong ball into another person's cup. if you miss, drink your own cup; if you make it, they drink their beer. Whichever team has the least beer needs to finish theirs off quick, and the last one to do so needs to drink the "chandelier" (the middle cup)! If both teams are tied, everyone races to finish theirs off.
  7. (Team) I've Never. Hopefully your team is full of shy people who've never done much cool things. One person starts out saying "I've never…" and finishing that phrase with something they've never done (i.e. "met anyone in this circle"). Whoever has done that thing must drink. At the end of the circle (when everyone's gone), the team that had done the most things has to drink another beer.
  8. Wordrunk. Everyone is required to talk for a minute in a circle. The master of ceremonies (MC) will have a secret word written on a piece of paper. As people go around the circle talking each for one minute, the MC will tell them how many times they said the word in the minute. They drink accordingly. Whichever team drinks the most (or whichever doesn't figure out "the word") loses.
  9. Battleship. You won't want to be the loser in these drinking games! Float a shot glass in a pitcher of beer, being pouring a little into the shot glass at a time. Whenever someone pours just enough to make the "battleship" (i.e. shot glass) sink, their whole team drinks the pitcher, dived up evenly into cups.
  10. Caps. An interesting take on modern team drinking games. Players line up with beer cups in between, taking turns throwing bottle caps (or pong balls) into the middle one. If a shot is made, the other team drinks it and you get a point.
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