10 Best Techno Albums 2010

Overall, the 10 best techno albums 2010 were revolutionary. To put it straight, 2010 was a good year for the best techno albums (or should we say a hard competition?). From Tiesto to Armin van Buuren, we've got the best techno albums lined up. Read our picks below, and compare them to your own best techno albums of 2010!

  1. "Mirage" (Armin van Buuren). The fourth studio album by the Dutch artist, "Mirage" has sixteen tracks plus another five bonus if you buy from iTunes. It made it to number five on the Billboard 100's list of Dance/Electronic albums.
  2. "Kaleidoscope: Remixed" (Tiesto). An amazing take on his 2009 album "Kaleidoscope", Tiesto never ceases to amaze. Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark received this 2010 album especially well. Among the best techno albums of the 2000's, the original made for an impressive spin-off.
  3. "One More Love" (David Guetta). As his fifth studio album, "One More Love" doesn't differ from Guetta's style enough to make it anything short of amazing. The collaboration of some of the greatest hip-hop stars alive (Kid Cudi, Akon, will.i.am, and more) along with David Guetta isn't just what makes this one of the best techno albums of 2010, it's the flavor that is produced in "One More Love" that gives it a taste of pure originality.
  4. "Magikal Journey" (Tiesto). Arguably his most critically acclaimed album of 2010, "Magikal Journey" is full of many mix and mash-ups. The music is without-a-doubt progressive, and definitely Tiesto.
  5. "Spaceship "(Benny Benassi). The industrial Benny is always making the freshest house music, and "Spaceship" is no exception. Benassi samples Jean Baptiste, apl.de.ap, and Kelis for the title song.
  6. "The DJ 6 in the Mix" (ATB). Hearing the little mash-ups from Andre Tanneberger makes the sixth "in the mix" disk more than worth a spot on the best techno albums. "Future Memories", his latest album, has also been highly successful on the Billboard 100.
  7. "Tron: Legacy" (Daft Punk). The French duo has come back into the spotlight to release the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "Tron: Legacy". If an 85-piece orchestra on the album isn't enough for you, then surely their distinctive style will warrant its purchase. It may just be one of the best techno albums of the year upon its release.
  8. "Here Lies Love" (David Byrne and Fatboy Slim). An alternative mix between two of techno and experimental's best artists, "Here Lies Love" is one of the best techno albums released by the duo. A hoard of featured female singers also adorns the album, to include the famous Santigold.
  9. "F*** the Sytem" (Showtek). Giving audiences around the world a taste of the their hardstyle, Showtek outdoes their standards with "F*** the System". Techno from the Netherlands doesn't get more hardcore.
  10. "Gatecrasher Anthems" (Paul van Dyk). Although, in his own words, "2010 started kinda rough," this album is pretty legit. His remixes are up to par, and DJ Mag congratulated him for another top ten placing this year.

Some of the best techno albums of 2010 came from relative unknowns (Showtek) and others came from big-time artists (Daft Punk), they all jammed out with pride. Techno albums always take us on a journey, and then back again in time for reality; 2010 was no exception to the rule.

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