10 Best Techno Bands

The 10 best techno bands are those techno bands which are always successful at getting you up from your seat and busy dancing and jumping along to their groovy and block-rocking beats. They are bands which also understand the pure relationship between good music and great beats.

  1. Daft Punk. The best techno band out there is Daft Punk on account of its French roots—the French know how to put on a good techno show! While their body of work is painfully small (only three albums so far), but you find them on the "Tron Legacy" movie soundtrack (they composed the film's score), performing more of their awesome beats.
  2. The Prodigy. The second-best techno band on this list is The Prodigy, another foreign element, but a memorable and good one. This techno band consists of members Maxim, Keith Flint and Liam Howlett, and they have released some controversial and misogynistic songs like "Smack My Bitch Up." However, the band insists it's all in good fun, so no harm, no foul!
  3. Basement Jaxx. Another English techno band, Basement Jaxx came to widespread popularity in the late 1990s and are still going strong. Comprised of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, this techno band plays the kind of music that is super-accessible to anyone who's ever been inside of a club.
  4. Cascada. Cascada is a German techno band, proving continuously that the world's best techno music emanates from overseas. They sit at the number four spot on this list of the best techno bands because they are the second-most downloaded techno band of all time.
  5. The Chemical Brothers. The Chemical Brothers are British, and their claim to fame is being the pioneer of what is known as big beat electronic dance, a style of techno music that exploded in popularity in the 1990s. For that, they deserve the five spot on this list of best techno bands. They are also unique in that, although a techno band, they can effectively play to audiences in stadiums.
  6. The Crystal Method. Finally, an American techno band appears on this list, and it is none other than Las Vegas-originating The Crystal Method. Begun in 1993, this techno band still enjoys decent popularity, with their 2007 album "Vegas" enjoying a platinum certification. They consist of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland.
  7. Lasgo. Yet another techno band from overseas, Belgium to be exact, Lasgo formed ten years ago in 2000. They have achieved a good deal of success in Europe, primarily, selling upwards of five million copies of their two albums "Far Away" and "Some Things." Their lineup has proven unreliable with Evi Goffin, for one, leaving to become a full-time mommy.
  8. Groove Coverage. Out of Germany comes Groove Coverage, a techno band that is popular mostly in German, but they have succeeded in having some penetration into the American market, primarily with their song "Poison." Proving that they are not simply a one-trick pony, they are also producers, which is why they take the eight spot.
  9. Angel City. Angel City takes the nine spot on this countdown of the 10 best techno bands; it is actually a techno band-project that comes from Dutch DJs' Aldwin Oomen and also Hugo Zentveld. This techno band is known for simply creating covers or remakes of already popular songs, which is why they deserve the nine spot.
  10. Filo & Peri. Two Americans close out this list of the best techno bands. American DJs Bo Pericic and Domenick Filopei are the brains behind this techno band, and they have had considerable success already: Their work has already garnered them the number one position on the Billboard dance chart as well as a significant spot on the UK National Top 40.
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