10 Best Techno Pump Up Songs For Sports

Techno is by far one of the best genres of music to pump up people for sports, and a list of the 10 best techno pump up songs for sports is fairly easy to compose. There are countless techno songs out there to choose from, but a few stand above the rest when it comes to getting you motivated. Playing these techno pump up songs will definitely give a whole team lots of energy  whether they are playing or just watching sports.

  1. “Streamline” by Newton. This one is awesome to start any physical sport off with. It starts at a moderate tempo and slowly builds up, in the same way most sports players tend to do. Use it during your warm up to get in the mood.
  2. “DOTA” by Basshunter. Sets the tone for physical sports without causing people to feel overwhelmed too quickly. This is particularly good for the crowd as well as the players in the first parts of any sports game.
  3. "Falling” by Zapflap. "Falling" is one of the more epic sounding techno songs. Songs like this will excite and pump up any player and can be used to get yourself and team "back in the game."
  4. “Drop the Bass” by DJ Raaban. It has a catchy tune and is full of energy. This is great for long-lasting endurance.
  5. “Starry Eyed Surprise” by Paul Oakenfold. This song is perfect for a less intense moment without dying off.
  6. “Deadline” by Dutch Force. Another one of the songs with great dynamics to pump up people again in case there are any lulls in enthusiasm.
  7. “One More Time” by Daft punk. Daft Punk is a very well known techno band for all sorts of occasions, and this is one of the most well known techno songs with simple lyrics to keep people going 'til the end of the game.
  8. “Zombie Nation” by DJ Skribble. This is sure to pump up everyone and get them cheering for the team, and may even work the team itself into a frenzy.
  9. “Ravers Fantasy” by Tune Up. A song which has a very uplifting tune to pump up energy in people. It is particularly effective in smaller crowds, such as with high school sports.
  10. “Sandstorm” by Darude. Out of all techno pump up songs, this is perhaps the most popular one in sports history and makes for a great finale. The name is practically synonymous with pure energy. 
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