10 Best Techno Pump Up Songs

If you are going to workout or go out into the sports field for a game, listening to the 10 best techno pump up songs would drive you as nothing else will. These songs would rev you up so much that you won’t feel like standing still or stopping at all.

  1.  “Mortal Kombat Final Kombat (Techno Remix).” This song reminds you of the “Mortal Kombat” movie and video game. With the lyrics urging you to test ‘your might’ and to ‘fight’, how can you stay still? It is good for workout as well.
  2. “Fire Starter (Prodigy).” One of Prodigy’s strongest singles, which introduced Keith Flint to fans, starts with the lyrics “I am the trouble starter”. A song for driving up your energy, for sports as well as strong dance.
  3. “Rockafeller Skank.” This song is from the hit British album “You’ve come a long way baby.” The song was a hit of 1998 and is still played often enough to drive your excitement up.
  4. “Insomnia.” This song from “Nightwatchers” may not cause you insomnia, but it would certainly drive up your energy so much that you won’t even be able to sit down, never mind lie down and sleep. But that is what techno pump songs are for.
  5. “Please Don’t Stop the Music.” This song by Rihanna is another of the techno pump up songs which wouldn’t let you relax. It is good whether you are doing a workout or jumping in the dance floor.
  6. “Sandstorm.” Sandstorm is one of the hit singles by Ville Virtanen, better known as Darude, known for his progressive style. One of the best techno pump up songs, listening to “Sandstorm” will make you jump up.
  7. “This Beat is Technotronic.” This 1989 song, from Technotronic, the dance group, will drive you to dance. And this song does just that.
  8. “Love On My Mind.” Sung by Amanda Wilson, this song from Free Masons does urge you to dance. It has got good professional style.
  9. “Now We Are Free (Techno Remix).” This song’s techno remix is one that sets you free. While the original is good, this remix will make you leave your inhibitions.
  10. “I Am A Barbie Girl.” This song was one of the top songs from Aqua. It will make you ready for party with an enthusiasm which is hard matched. It is great for workout too.

There are many techno pump songs which will drive you. These are just some of the songs which anybody would love and enjoy.


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