10 Best Techno Songs Of All Time

Searching for the 10 best techno songs of all time? Well, that's great because this article will provide you with the best techno songs of all time to blast away on your iPod or your newest party! Techno music can get people going like no other music, it's fun and energetic. Techno music is great for rave party music, house parties, and for exercising. Techno songs are also very fun to dance to while your driving! 

  1. "Blue" – Eiffel 65. This techno song was a huge hit in the late 90's and it still carries on today in clubs around the world. This is not only a great techno song for clubs, but raves as well. It's got a feel good vibe to it that you can't refuse.
  2. "Around the World" – Daft Punk. Daft Punk has been around for awhile, and so has their fabulous techno songs. However this techno song outdoes the collections of songs recorded by Daft Punk. This techno song is played in ever nightclub around the world.
  3. "Emotional Response" – Paul Oakenfold. This is a great techno song and it's unique in it's own right. Oakenfold is a newer face in the techno genre, but that didn't stop millions of people from loving this techno song.
  4. "Oh La La" – Goldfrapp. Goldfrapp is an up and coming techno group with amazingly awesome beats and sounds. This techno song has been featured for many commercials and TV shows around the world.
  5. "Strict Machine" – Goldfrapp. Another golden Goldfrapp techno song was born. This band seems to have hit the charts. "Strict Machine" is featured on two Lexus commercials and has a popular fan base.
  6. "Stalker" – DJ Aphrodite. This techno song will surely get you on your feet and feeling the vibe in seconds. This is a great hit with all nightclubs and bars alike.
  7. "The Sign" – Ace of Base. This techno song is a classic 90's tune that kept everyone tuning into the radio just to hear it. Even now, this techno song is still played nightly.
  8. "Sugar Water" Cibo Matto. This is a highly underrated song, and not many people know it exists. Though it's not play nearly as often as it should be, it has funky undertones with a mellow vibe but it's still techno. It's a great listen.
  9. "Affinity" – Hydra. Try this techno song on for size. It's got a name to fit the mega style and vibes that comes from this song.
  10. "The Quest" – C Sharp. This is another techno song that not many people have heard of, but it should be played more often.  Usuall,y the underground sounds are the best that you will hear. This techno song proves just that.
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