10 Best Techno Songs To Run To

What a better way to workout than doing it to the beat of the 10 best techno songs to run to. Why techno? Because its dance and electronic roots busted with strong drums and bass sounds, make this style one of the best (next to rock) music styles to get anyone running. So get ready to put this ten tunes in your music player and run like there’s no tomorrow.

  1. Fatboy Slim – “Right here, right now.” With an in crescendo intro telling you to take a deep breath and get ready, this song starts with a steady beat perfect to run to. Keeping your mind clear and focus, “Right Here, Right Now” is a part of the large list of techno songs by Fatboy Slim that are also perfect for running.
  2. Basement Jaxx “Make Me Sweat.” Perfect to start warming up and then start running. With a bouncy and steady beats plus that sexy and energetic chant, “Make Me Sweat” gets you ready to fun run before going out to party.
  3. Madonna – “Hung Up.” The Queen of Pop had to be in this list. Who knows how many people have run to this song, probably thousands. Bringing back ABBA to the mainstream with a sample from 1979’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” this is a great song to keep a steady rhythm while running.
  4. Daft Punk – “Technologic.” “Keep up with the beat! Come on! Maintain a steady step!” That’s apparently what this song tells you, despite of the almost hypnotizing lyrics repeated through the entire song saying technologic commands, to keep your rhythm and run. Don’t stop.
  5. The Chemical Brothers – “Get Yourself High.” The Chemical Brothers are known for their great creativity when it comes to dance and techno music. This is another pump up song to get the mood going. Getting yourself high on energy to release when you’re listening to this list while running.
  6. Calvin Harris – “I Created Disco.” This is one song to keep you running until you drop. Putting you in workout mode since the first second, “I Created Disco” is a great song to run to as much as it is to party.
  7. The Rapture – “Echoes.” With more of a rock vibe, “Echoes” gets into this list because of its drum and bass beats making this song perfect to run to. It even has percussion solo empowered by the same riff that gets us going through the entire song. Another tune with a sudden yet crazy end that makes you hit Play again to keep you running.
  8. Pendulum – “Showdown.” Another song perfect to get all of your energy flowing and ready to beat the streets. With pumping use of drums, bass and synthesizer, “Showdown” makes you give a hundred percent of effort to complete your workout.
  9. JUSTICE – “Stress.” Created by French duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, “Stress” gets everyone in the perfect mood for running. With crazy beats and samples that make you think you’re been chased, this song gets you running faster and faster as the song goes on.
  10. Daft Punk – “Superheroes.” Daft Punk has its share of songs to run to. But one of the best has to be “Superheroes”. This is a song which makes you feel a positive vibe as if someone was cheering you up while you’re training. This is the perfect song to run to when you’re about to finish an exhausting day of training.
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