10 Best Techno Workout Songs

The 10 Best Techno Workout Songs all have a common ingredient which are the instruments used to create the sound. Techno music is made by mixing both dance and electronic music. This type of music is composed of electronic instruments, sound equipment such as drum machines, synthesizers, and hardware sequencers. Techno songs are a form of electronic music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan in the mid to late 1980's.

  1. "One More Time" by Daft Punk is one of the ten best techno workout songs. The music blends horns with retro bass thump and is combined with the extroverted vocals of Romanthony which goes round and round with endless tweakings.
  2. "Elements of Life by Tiesto is a techno workout song that makes the listener want to hum along. Tiesto knows his audience and always provides techno music to get the audience up and moving.
  3. "Fire" by Ferry Corsten is a techno workout song that uses vocals from Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. Corsten is a genius at making tracks that are never boring.
  4. "Slam" by Pendulum provides a techno workout that actually make your feet have a mind of their own. Pendulum's use of drums and bass provide very upbeat techno sounds.
  5. "Don't you want me" by Felix is a techno workout song that has been remixed many times. Felix's version has a brilliant build up on a simple keyboard pattern that became a huge techno workout hit.
  6. "Blue Monday" by New Order is a techno song that was released in 1983 but has been remixed many times since it's original release. This techno song has continued to be a popular anthem in the dance club scene playing continuously for seven and a half minutes.
  7. "Right here, right now" by Fatboy Slim is a techno song that keeps you moving to the beat. This song is filled with catchy drum beats and electronic strings.
  8. "Better off alone" by Alice Deejay is a techno workout song that broke in dance clubs in 2000. The sound is more of a trance- hip hop mix which gives it a very distinctive sound.
  9. "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada is a techno remix that includes a drum machine set to the same speed and a synthesizer that can be heard above the drums. This song will keep you on your feet and moving to the repetitive sounds.
  10. "Another Night" by Real McCoy is a techno workout song with an uptempo synth-driven pop sound. The song  hook is very simple but it will keep your body moving.
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