10 Best Teen Comedy Movies

Do you want to know the 10 best teen comedy movies of all time? We have all experienced those awkward, embarrassing moments that are a part of growing up. These movies take those moments and turns them into something we can all relate to and laugh at.

  1.  "Superbad" (2007) This teen comedy follows two co-dependent high school seniors, Seth and Even, who are simply trying to have as much fun as possible during their last few weeks of high school. The two friends end up having one crazy Friday night trying to score booze for a party.
  2. "American Pie" (1999) This teen film closely follows the lives of four high school seniors trying to get laid. Almost every scene is filled with some sort of socially awkward, embarrassing moment that makes for one hilarious teen comedy.
  3. "EuroTrip" (2004) This teen movie features a high school student, Scotty, who is dumped by his girlfriend. To move on, Scotty embarks on an overseas journey to meet his German pen pal. He takes along three of his closest friends and the four end up having one crazy, comical misadventure together.
  4. "Not Another Teen Movie" (2001) This comedy is a spoof of several popular teen movies. Some of the movies being spoofed are "American Pie," "American Beauty," "Bring It On," "Road Trip" and "Never Been Kissed" to name a few. Some of the films being spoofed are teen comedies themselves.
  5. "Mean Girls" (2004) Cady and her parents move to America after living in Africa. She starts attending a new public school after being home schooled for her entire academic career. Cady gets in with the wrong clique at school–the Plastics. She initially attempts to sabotage the Plastics but ends up becoming a stuck up snob like the rest of them. This teen comedy is sure to keep you laughing.
  6. "Revenge of the Nerds" (1984) In this movie, a group of outcasts and nerds attending Adams College and are bullied by the Alpha Betas, a football player frat. The group fights back in order to gain back their pride and restore peace in their lives.
  7. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (1982) This comedy allows us to see the lives of several southern California kids. A few of them are trying to find love and receive help in doing so by their older classmates. The film centers around a surfer dude who is perpetually stoned. Every scene of this teen film is sure to bring you laughs.
  8. "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" (1986) Ferris, a popular high school student, is taking the day off from school. He brings along his best friend, Cameron, and his girlfriend, Sloane. The three of them spend a fun-filled day in the city. While they are trying to have fun, they’re also forced to avoid getting caught–which they find out, isn’t all that easy.
  9. "Can’t Hardly Wait" (1998) This comedy-filled film features the lives of several different high school students who are attending the biggest, more wild party of the year. These kids have endured four, long years of high school and are just looking to have a good time. Many of these graduating seniors are looking to achieve something at the party. Some are seeking revenge, love, sex and some of them are looking to resolve their differences with old friends. 
  10. "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999) Bianca is forced to abstain from dating until her rebellious, boy-hating sister, Kat, decides to start dating. Joey, the popular boy at school, has a thing for Bianca so he devises a plan. He pays Patrick, an outcast, to start dating Kat. Patrick is forced to do some crazy, outlandish things in order for Kat to give in. The two end up actually liking one another. Bianca and Joey start dating but they end quickly when she realized that Joey is a real jerk. Bianca ends up with the new guy at school, Cameron, who is a much better catch than Joey.
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