10 Best Teen Movies Ever

Here are the 10 best teen movies ever. These films are full of angst, embarrassment, anger, laughs, and much more. Its easy for adults, young adults, and teenagers to enjoy teen movies. If you pick any of these teen movies to watch, you will surely be entertained.

  1. "The Breakfast Club" (1985): Five American teens from all different backgrounds are forced to spend a Saturday detention together. Each teen portrays a different stereotype. The five of them end up pouring their hearts out to one another and realize that they are more alike than they originally thought.
  2. "Sixteen Candles" (1984): A young teen, Samantha, is turning sixteen. But there’s so much excitement going on in her family’s life that they forget its her birthday. Her birthday night starts out at the school dance and it ends up being filled with plenty of craziness and embarrassment.
  3. "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999): Bianca’s father informs her that she will not be dating until her stubborn, rebellious, boy-hating sister, Kat, does. Joey sets his eye on Bianca and will do anything to get her. So he pays Patrick, a weird outcast, to start dating Kat. Patrick is forced to do all sorts of crazy things to get Kat to go out with him. Patrick and Kat end up falling for one another and Bianca, realizing what a jerk Joey is, ends up with the new guy at school, Cameron. 
  4. "Grease" (1978): A greaser named Danny has a summer romance with a good girl named Sandy. When summer ends and Sandy starts attending a new school, Rydell High, she soon discovers that it’s the same school that Danny attends. The two realize that they are from different cliques. Danny tries to act tough in front of his friends and comes off as a real jerk. The rest of the movie Danny tries to win her back. In the end he succeeds and the two end up together.
  5. "Mean Girls" (2004): Cady had never left her home country, Africa, when she moved with her parents to America. She starts a new school where she meets some new friends, Janis and Damian. Cady is warned by them to stay away from the Plastics: the popular clique led by Regina. Cady gets in with the Plastics in order to do some “sabotage.” But the more time Cady spends with the Plastics, the more she begins to become one of them.
  6. "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" (1986): Ferris decides to take the day off of school. But because Ferris decides to, so must his best friend, Cameron, and his girlfriend, Slone. The three end up spending a day in the city. They face the challenge of not getting caught while trying to enjoy themselves.
  7. "Juno" (2007): Juno, a sixteen-year-old still in high school, finds out she’s pregnant by her best friend, Bleeker. Juno finds a couple in the PennySaver and decides to give up her baby for adoption.
  8. "Superbad" (2007): Evan and Seth are two best friends trying to have a little fun the last few weeks of high school. The two boys get an invite to a party by Seth’s crush. Seth tells his crush that he will bring alcohol to the party. But following through with his promise ends up being harder than he could ever imagine.
  9. "Dead Poet’s Society" (1989): Todd is a painfully shy boy who is sent to the school where his brother was valedictorian. Todd’s eccentric English teacher, Professor Keating, inspires a love of poetry in Todd and his classmates when he tells them of the Dead Poets Society. Each of Keating’s student’s lives are changed in their own way because of him.
  10. "Say Anything" (1989): Lloyd and Diane, are an unlikely couple who fall in love the summer before she goes off to college in England. Its difficult for the two of them to be together because of Diane’s overprotective father but the two of them make it work.
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