10 Best Tennis Court Shoes

Before beginning to list the 10 best tennis court shoes, a little explanation may be in order. Tennis court can refer to a number of surfaces and even venues, including clay, grass, and indoor surfaces. The best tennis court shoes are those which can be used on all courts, although some are made (and preferred by tennis players) for only certain types of court.

  1. Adidas Barricade V. This is the “fifth generation” tennis court shoe in this model to be introduced. The main difference is that this model has more mesh on the upper part, allowing for more breathability. It is also lighter in weight, but this does not affect performance.
  2. Fila Alfa. This model was named the Official Tennis Court Shoe of Wimbledon, so naturally it would have to go on the best tennis court shoes list. It deserves it, though, with dual-performance midsole and anti-abrasion features to help alleviate blisters and other foot injuries.
  3. Lotto. This brand earned its place on the best tennis court shoes list simply because it gives a tennis player 10 different styles to choose from, including men’s and women’s.
  4. Prince. These best tennis court shoes are very moderately priced, come in both men’s and women’s styles, and are available at department stores. All of these things make this a good choice of tennis footwear.
  5. Wilson. This is the upgraded version of the Wilson Open. The upgrades feature a half-ounce decrease in weight as well as more breathable mesh on the upper part.
  6. Babolat. These best tennis court shoes come in men’s, women’s, and children’s (or junior as they are referred to) styles. They are also reasonably priced when it comes to tennis shoes.
  7. Head. As mentioned earlier, tennis courts come in different styles, and Head shoes do, too. There are men’s, women’s, and children, as well as styles for clay courts or other outdoor courts, as well as indoor courts. Those players needing different shoes for different court surfaces will agree these belong on the best tennis court shoes list.
  8. New Balance. Choose from 11 styles which are listed as tennis/court shoes. You should have no problem finding a pair that suits your needs.
  9. Reebok Passing Shot. This is the most reasonably priced pair of shoes in the best tennis court shoes list. Even with the low price, however, they still have the Reebok quality.
  10. Nike Air Zoom Vapor V. These best tennis court shoes were designed to be both thin and lightweight, but still very durable. They also have “Heat Block” technology, which helps keep feet cooler.
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