10 Best Tent Camping Sites In California

California has a lot of great opportunities for camping by tent and these are the 10 best tent camping sites in California.

  1. Gold Bluffs Beach. Gold Bluffs Beach is in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. You can tent camp and during the day visit some old Redwood trees to photograph or take a swim in the ocean. The location of Gold Bluffs Beach with all of the majestic scenery makes this one of the ten best tent camping sites in California.
  2. White Tank. White Tank is a campground located in the Joshua Tree National Park. There are only eighteen sites for tents at White Tank and RVs are not allowed. If you can manage to spend a few nights at White Tank you will come to understand the beauty and calmness that people have associated with Joshua Tree National Park.
  3. Pinnacles National Monument. Pinnacles National Monuments offers excellent hiking opportunities. The large rock formations with many caves can keep you occupied for days as you explore the area.
  4. Russian Gulch State Park. The Russian Gulch State Park is one of the best tent camping sites in California. The park offers three miles of bicycle trails, the Devils Punch Bowl, fishing, swimming in the Ocean, and many other fun activities.
  5. Sunset State Beach Campground. In Santa Cruz you can use the Sunset State Beach Campground. You can fish, swim, and surf in the ocean. This is an extremely busy campground. Reservations are required and you need to make them as far in advance as you can in order to ensure a spot to set up your tent. Sunset State Beach Campground is one of the best camping sites in California and that makes it impossible to just show up without a reservation.
  6. Stovepipe Wells. The Stovepipe Wells campground is located in Death Valley. Stovepipe Wells is a great place to camp in the winter time but tent camping in the summer can be a death wish.
  7. Eldorado National Forest. There are 55 campgrounds located in and near the Eldorado National Forest. You can fish, hike, camp, bicycle, and many other activities. The Eldorado National Forest area campgrounds are among the best tent camping sites in California because they offer so many activities that are near by.
  8. Tamarack Flat. Tamarack Flat is a tent only campground located in the Yosemite National Park. Tamarack Flat is considered one of the ten best tent camping sites in California. Tamarack Flat seems very remote yet you can stock up on groceries with a quick fifteen to twenty minute drive.
  9. Pomo Canyon Campground. The Pomo Canyon Campground is located on the Sonoma Coast. The rocky bluffs are beautiful here and provides a lot of opportunities for photography buffs.
  10. Glen Campground. The Glen Campground is in the Point Reyes National Seashore. To get to the Glen Campground you will either have to hike in or bicycle in. The Ocean is a short two and a half miles away from this campground. The quite solitude, ease of Ocean access, and hiking opportunities make the Glen campground in Point Reyes one of the best tent camping sites in California.
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