10 Best Texas Country Songs

Listen to the 10 best Texas country songs so you can appreciate songs about this great state and maybe sing along like a pro. Everything's bigger in Texas. Get to know these Texas country songs that celebrate this one of a kind state. Texas is known as the lone star state and has several major cities, including Dallas, Austin, Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio.

  1. "Amarillo By Morning." George Strait knows his stuff with Texas country songs. This lovely country song is no exception. Not only does this country song mention Amarillo, but it pays homage to San Antone and Houston where they took the poor cowboy's saddle.
  2. "The Bluest Eyes in Texas." Restless Heart sings this lovely Texas country song. The lines "The bluest eyes in Texas are haunting me tonight" are the most well known of this song.
  3. "Going through the Big D." Mark Chestnutt's Going Through the Big D is a pure country song about what else? Divorce. These lyrics say it all:  "I'm goin' through the big-d and don't mean Dallas. I can't believe what the judge had to tell us, I got the Jeep, she got the palace. I'm goin' through the big-d and don't mean Dallas."
  4. "The Yellow Rose of Texas." "The Yellow Rose of Texas" is another iconic Texas song. It is a folk song about a black woman. The end of the chorus of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" says it all:  "But the yellow rose of Texas, beats the belles of Tennessee," stating once again just how great Texas is.
  5. "Texas." The aptly named Charlie Daniels Band song is a great Texas country song. The lyrics "Runs from Texarkana to El Paso and Oklahoma to Old Mexico and there's Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antone. People in Texas sure do make you feel at home" hit the nail on the head. This Texas song also mentions Lonestar beer.
  6. "Deep in the Heart of Texas." This iconic Texas country song lyrics were written by June Hershey. Don Swander wrote the music. Many country singers have recorded this song including George Strait and Nickel Creek. Every other line is "Deep in the Heart of Texas."
  7. "Lone Star State of Mind." This Texas country song was written by Pat Alger, Fred Koller, and Gene Levine. It's been recorded by Don Williams and Nanci Griffiths among others. The chorus laments that the singer is in a "lone star state of mind" as they pine to be in Texas.
  8. "Don't Ask Me Why I'm Going to Texas." This true Texas country song was recorded by Asleep at the Wheel. The lyrics encompass lone star beer, Texas fiddles, and many great Texas cities, and even a couple of Texas legends. Some of the lyrics include "Cause I do love to hear those Texas fiddles and dance and sing and drink my lone star beer. From Austin up to Dallas, Amarillo to El Paso you can here Bob Wills, Bill Mack and me on your radio."
  9. "All My Exes Live in Texas." George Strait wrote a winner with this one. The poor guy has it bad. Rosanna's down in Texarkana. Sweet Eileen's in Abilene. Allison's in Galveston. This song bemoans why a cowboy has to hang his hat in Tennessee.
  10. "San Antonio Rose." Bob Wills wrote "San Antonio Rose" in 1938. This Spanish two step song was recorded by Patsy Cline among other country artists. The song pays homage to the Alamo, which is in San Antonio.
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