10 Best Thai Erotic Movies

Asia is the great place to start a sensuous journey, and our list of the 10 best Thai erotic movies will help you understand this fascinating culture when you're interested in new and exotic flavors. Thailand is not so known for having an extensive list of films around the world, but it definitely brings its touch to the erotic movie industry.

  1. “Sao Rorn Sorn Ruk” A really good Thai erotic movie, if you like beautiful, semi-nude Thai girls. Nat Kesarin is the babe that Thailand exports to the world, which make us lust for her in delirium.
  2. “Wai Saeb” Some people can get confused just by looking at the back cover of the VCD, as it looks like another drama, or light romance movie. However, it's nothing like that when a sexy bombshell is right in front of us on the front cover. You will want to learn Thai immediately.
  3. Chob Chiew..Nang Fah Kra Num Ruk” Not much can be said about the plot because, believe us, it's not that relevant. This film features high voltage erotic scenes and an incredible Thai girl being loved over and over, with just few seconds to take a relaxing nap.
  4. “Ngao Mued Luang Jai” To establish the opposite of the burning movie above, here comes a more subtle erotic movie that tries to combine its sexy scenes with the best camera angles possible to set the mood.
  5. “Sunya Saen Ruk” Well, at first sight, the actress seems to have a very naughty attitude to begin with. So, the director made a good job casting her for the leading role, because she is hot. In contrast, the movie offers more down to earth men than young and sculptured bodies. Try and see if you can handle this.
  6. “Mai Ruk Dai Ngai” Rejoice Europe, because you can enjoy a good Thai erotic movie with a PAL version available. Not only does it offer good erotism, it also has a dramatic plot to dive into. Good if you like rivers, trees,Thai houses and naked chicks.
  7. “Choo Ruk Chua Niran” Just take a closer look at her bikini on the cover of the DVD. Can you guess what is it? A tiger skin bikini or brown flowers on it? Really, who cares? Be sure to add brightness to your TV screen, because some scenes look shady. Besides that, watch it.
  8. Porb Sayew 2007” This Thai movie is meant to be for a younger audience. But beware—that doesn’t matter as long as the context makes space to include legal erotic scenes. Nothing against the law people. So, it's good to be young in Thailand these days.
  9. The Memory (Duay Ruk…Kwam Trong Jum)” A long name for a long movie for sure. It is labeled as “Best Collection,” so expect good quality. The Thai director Mouse Suwanna chose to show private scenes to give a very intimate and secret feeling to the overall erotism in this production. He definitely did a great job.
  10. “Fall In Love” At last, an easily understandable title. Another "Best Collection" to add to the list. This one's all about love triangles between two gorgeous and sexy girls and a guy who nobody cares about. After watching this one, you will definitely love Thailand.
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